6 Best Mouse For Clicking Butterflies – Complete Guide 2023

Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking, there are a lot of different ways that professional gamers try to win games. The so-called “butterfly” strategy is one of the most common. Some people like it, while others think it’s hard to do right. There is a game called ClicksPerSecond Test where professional gamers can practice butterfly strategy and improve their overall mouse speed. If you play video games, you know from experience that clicking on things quickly is one of the best ways to beat your opponents. Especially if you play Minecraft, it goes without saying how important it is to have warp clicking skills and a mouse that can click faster. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to give yourself every advantage you can.

Combining skill and knowledge can provide a competitive advantage over your gaming opponents. Knowing where to access valuable tips and tricks to enhance your gaming experience can make playing games more enjoyable and entertaining. For instance, in Guild Wars 2, various fun features can elevate your gaming sessions, and understanding certain strategies can significantly impact your in-game performance. Skills such as Vapor Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Rocket Kick, and Evasive Smash can help you progress and offer protection against enemies at different elevations. Furthermore, selecting specific weapons can enhance your speed in challenging races or courses.

If you’re a gamer aiming for a seamless gaming experience, having the right computer mouse is crucial. A reliable mouse ensures that the game feels immersive and responsive. Without it, players may become frustrated with a malfunctioning device, potentially leading to subpar performance in gaming tournaments. With the appropriate PC accessories, gamers can complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best mechanical gaming keyboards for claw gripping, extensively analyzing customer reviews. These products were selected based on feedback from both professional gamers and regular players who rigorously tested and confirmed their performance.

Among these top choices, we’ve identified our top picks based on factors such as genre, color, type of key switch, and size. It’s essential to recognize that pursuing a plan involves some level of risk, so it’s wise to take precautions in advance. If a dream is worth pursuing, it’s worth preparing for to minimize the chances of failure. We recommend reading and implementing the following five tips when starting a new business in an unexplored territory. Understanding the odds and being well-informed about the venture beforehand can significantly increase your chances of success.

Why Do You Need A Best Butterfly Clicking Mouse?

Butterfly clicking is a gaming technique that cannot be performed with a regular mouse. This method requires a mouse that offers flexibility, durability, and a strong grip, which regular mice often lack. Regular mice are typically fragile, lightweight, and have buttons that may not withstand the pressure required for butterfly clicking. It is crucial to find the right mouse that suits your needs. It’s worth noting that children may require different computer equipment compared to adults, and it’s beneficial for them to have a mouse they can operate independently or with minimal assistance.

Timing is crucial in gaming, and executing the right move at the right moment can give you an advantage over other players. In various gaming tournaments, players employ different strategies to outperform their opponents. The art of mastering additional clicks to enhance performance is no exception. Therefore, we have decided to delve deeper into this topic. Step out of the ordinary and seize this opportunity to find the best mouse for butterfly clicking.

What is Butterfly Clicking?

Have you ever observed how when a person’s hand raises or travels away from a mouse, it loses contact with the desk, causing the input to change? Because your hand is continually in touch with the surface, moving your hands slightly up and down in a quick motion provides for more accurate clicking. Many gamers employ butterfly clicking, sometimes known as “tweaking,” to gain an advantage in their favourite games, and if you’d want to put your clicking abilities to the test, here’s the finest click speed test available.

Gamers can play faster and more precisely with this approach since they don’t have to lift their hands from the mouse pad to click on anything on-screen, and the same is true for keyboard chords. Because their palms aren’t forced against a mousepad or other surface, some gamers prefer butterfly clicking because it feels better.

Is Butterfly Clicking Allowed?

If you observe professional gaming competitions, you will notice that many professionals use butterfly clicking. However, when it comes to casual gaming or simply enjoying yourself, the choice is entirely yours! It’s important to note that there are no universal restrictions against butterfly clicking, although certain gaming platforms or communities may have specific rules against it. If an online game explicitly prohibits butterfly clicking and considers it cheating, it is advisable not to use this technique to avoid potential consequences such as account bans resulting from reports.

Mouse manufacturers sometimes include statements discouraging players from utilizing butterfly clicking or other similar clicking techniques. However, if the games you play do not have specific regulations against it, then yes, you can freely employ this technique to your advantage. It is generally accepted and even encouraged in such cases.

The List Of 6 Best Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

1. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse — Best Overall



The brand name Razer is commonly seen on high-end computers and other electronic gadgets, such as mice. The Razer Naga Trinity is one of the best mice available today. It has three detachable side plates, each of which has a different number of buttons (two, seven, and twelve, respectively). In addition to this, it has an astounding 19 programmable buttons, which enable you to remap and assign complex macro functions to meet the specific requirements of your gaming style. Make extensive use of shortcut keys? You are welcome to use this mouse.

The Razer Naga Trinity is undoubtedly the greatest mouse available for butterfly clicking out of all the options available. Because of its superior qualities, this butterfly clicking mouse is of the highest possible quality. There are 19 programmable buttons in total, 12 of which are positioned on the thumb grip. These buttons enable a rapid succession of clicks to be made in a short amount of time, which ultimately results in approximately 15–20 clicks per second. You’ll be able to rack up a lot of clicks in a short period of time with the assistance of its 2, 7, and 12 buttons.

Because its mechanical switches are able to survive up to 50 million clicks, the Razer Naga Trinity is an appropriate choice for butterfly clicking. Above all else, its buttons give audible feedback to indicate that the click has been detected while simultaneously preventing unintentional clicks. This is a particularly useful feature. The Razer Synapse programme enables users to make customizations to these buttons, which results in a more individualized experience. As a consequence of this, it is possible to conclude that the Razer Naga Trinity is the butterfly-clicking mouse that is used the most.

In that case, all you have to do is use the standard two-button plate whenever you require something uncomplicated. As a result of the mechanical buttons on the Razer Trinity being able to withstand up to 50 million clicks, this mouse is an excellent option for butterfly clicking. Above all else, its buttons offer audible feedback to confirm that the click has been detected, thereby preventing accidental clicks while also confirming that the click has been registered. Using the Razer Synapse software, you are able to make adjustments to these buttons in order to provide a more tailored experience. As a consequence of this, it is reasonable to assert that the Razer Naga Trinity is the butterfly mouse that enjoys the greatest level of demand.


2. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse — Runner Up



The Glorious Model O stands out thanks to its exceptional combination of great performance and lightweight construction. The honeycomb design of this mouse made it possible to keep the weight down to 66 grams without compromising its durability. Ventilation is provided via the holes, although you won’t be able to feel them while you’re playing. Due to the fact that it can be used for both drag clicking and butterfly clicking, the Glorious Model O is considered to be one of the greatest mice for minecart players. During the course of our analysis of the mouse, we had a lot of fun testing the Omron mechanical switches that came with it. These switches are able to resist as many as 20 million clicks.

Because of its dexterous design, it is ideally suited for users with hands ranging from medium to large. The Glorious Model O gaming mouse boasts a maximum DPI of 12,000, which enables pixel-perfect tracking while you’re playing video games. It comes with eight distinct RGB colour effects, giving you the ability to personalise the mouse to complement the aesthetic of your gaming rig. The Omron mechanical switches guarantee that the mouse will continue to function correctly even after it has been clicked 20 million times. In addition to this, the mouse features six programmable buttons that are both responsive and can be remapped according to your requirements.




There’s no doubt that the Glorious Model O stands out as the top choice. It enjoys immense popularity among gamers and delivers exceptional performance in various clicking styles, including jitter, butterfly, and drag. Equipped with Omron mechanical switches, this mouse is built to withstand up to 20 million clicks without showing signs of wear. It features an ambidextrous, full-size shape designed for users with medium to large hands.

The mouse incorporates a honeycomb outer shell with airflow holes to prevent sweat buildup and maintain a cool and fresh gaming environment. This design contributes significantly to its incredibly lightweight build, weighing in at only 67 grams. The Glorious Model O boasts a maximum DPI of 12,000, with DPI values that can be customized to 400, 800, 1600, or 3200. The RGB lighting, offering 16.8 million colors and 8 different effects, can be adjusted without the need for software.

The six customizable buttons are highly responsive, providing seamless operation and a personalized experience. The honeycomb pattern not only adds to its lightweight design but also enhances its visual appeal.




61doJ9AKCPL. AC SL1500



Because it has features that are incomparable to those of any other product on this list, the Razer DeathAdder V2 has effectively secured the number two spot. To begin with, it has an ergonomic shape that is more comfortable for people who are right-handed. This design works well for palm, claw, or fingertip grips; in fact, it works well for any form of grip. Because of its ergonomic form, using it for extended periods of time provides comfort and relaxation. The Razer DeathAdder V2 is equipped with the lightning-fast RazerTM Optical Mouse Switch, which has a response time of 0.2 milliseconds. Every time there is a click, infrared light will flash to record the event.

In this approach, there is also a reduction in accidental clicking. Because these optical switches can withstand up to 70 million clicks without wearing out, there is more space for butterfly clicking. You have access to macros and secondary functions thanks to the Razer Synapse 3 software, which allows you to fully programme all 8 buttons on the controller. The Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor boasts a resolution of 20000 DPI, providing a high degree of accuracy. The mouse weighs only 82 grams, making it an excellent choice for individuals who are searching for a lightweight model. The default setting of the Razer DeathAdder V2 encourages the most efficient use of butterfly and jitter clicking. It is also advised for users who want to grasp with their palms.




61VTa3FmcaL. AC SL1500



After going over the Glorious Model O with you earlier, it should come as no surprise that this one is practically exactly the same. It has a maximum DPI of 12000 and a polling rate of 1000Hz, while the Glorious Model D makes use of a Pixart 3360 sensor. This sensor enables excellent tracking with minimal acceleration, and it has a maximum DPI of 12000. The form of this mouse, which is ergonomic, provides increased levels of comfort even during long gaming sessions. It weighs only 69 grams and has a sturdy construction, despite its low weight.

It makes use of Omron mechanical switches, each of which can withstand up to 20 million clicks, and it contains a total of six buttons. Because of its unique qualities, it is ideal for butterfly clicking, which requires a number of clicks to be performed at the same time. It permits double-clicking together with superior quality to its predecessors. The Glorious Model D employs Ascended Cord that is amazingly light and flexible that you’d nearly feel its wireless. In the end, the decision goes to you, all the vital information has been transmitted to you to make your decision-making easier, with this much knowledge we hope you can easily choose the best one for yourself.





The Logitech G403 Prodigy mouse stands out as an excellent butterfly mouse. The most striking aspect of this mouse is that it is built specifically for those with small hands. You may simply acquire optimum control over it if you have smaller hands. The most important condition for butterfly clicking, though, is that you have a solid grasp of your mouse. Similarly, a larger mouse will make it difficult to maintain a strong grasp, resulting in fewer clicks. A firm grip is also provided by rubber grips on both sides of this mouse. It provides many hours of comfortable gaming because of its ergonomic design.

With a 1ms report rate, the Logitech G403 Prodigy is 8 times faster than its competitors. It features a PWM3366 sensor, which is precise and accurate. It allows for faster responses and improved performance. This mouse has a large range of customizable options, including weight and many more. For a lighter feel, remove the 10-gram weight from 87.3 grams. Light sync technology RGB lighting delivers 16.8 million colours that may be adjusted using the Logitech G Hub. The 6 buttons can also be programmed using the Logitech G Hub. You can also change DPI settings via on-the-fly DPI shifting, which spans from 200 to 12000. As a result, its unique features, such as programmable buttons and a comfortable grip, make it ideal for butterfly clicking.



So finally it’s the end, have tried to cover every aspect in a single post Do let me know which one you liked the most

How to Choose the Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking?

There are a few things to consider while looking for a mouse to utilize for butterfly clicking. Some of the most crucial elements to consider when making your decision are as follows:


When it comes to gaming mice, you want something that fits in your palm comfortably. It’ll be in your hands for a long time, therefore it needs to be not just physically comfortable but also fit your grip well. Because different mice have different ergonomic designs, make careful you pick one that feels right to you.

Sensor Type

The sensor type is significant since it influences the precision of your mouse. The most common sort of sensor is optical, which is quite accurate, while laser sensors are the most efficient. If you wish to change how your mouse functions, be sure there are specific drivers for it, but in most circumstances, the defaults should serve.

Adjustable DPI Settings

Make sure you get a mouse with customizable DPI settings so you can make more precise motions while playing. This is particularly crucial for butterfly clickers, who desire to make as many precise clicks per minute as feasible. If you’re going to employ this strategy, don’t rely on your mouse’s default settings.

Programmable Buttons & Macros

Programmable buttons and macros are a benefit, but they aren’t required for game success. If these qualities are important to you, be sure your mouse has them. If you prefer simplicity, there are lots of mice without these added features that can still perform admirably!


When playing games for lengthy periods of time or competitively, you need to be able to trust that your hand will feel well even after hours of play–and it should look nice too! So keep in mind that the finest mouse for butterfly clicking is one that feels pleasant in your hand and encourages you to play more!


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a mouse to satisfy your butterfly clicking needs. It’s a good idea to strive to strike the perfect balance between price and quality, so do your best to stay within your budget! Some of the greatest gaming mice are pretty reasonable, and there are plenty of terrific options under $30 if you’re simply looking for something basic as a backup or as a present.


Choose a mouse that comes with at least a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee in case there are any flaws or malfunctions. This way, if something goes wrong with your mouse, whether by accident or otherwise, you’ll be covered under warranty and able to acquire a replacement immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

1. What Is The Difference Between Butterfly And Jitter Clicking?

Clicking is the process of using a mouse to select different items on a computer. When only one finger is used to click the mouse, it is referred to as a one-click, whereas a double click requires two clicks with both fingers. It’s simple to learn this basic ability once you understand how your computer works, but there are a few click variants we’d like to show you. The third type of click, known as triple-clicking, has three fingers doing three times quicker repeating movements (usually index, middle, and ring). Hyper clicking, the fourth type of click, necessitates the use of four fingers (index, middle, ring, and pinky) many times in five seconds. There’s also double-hyper-clicking, which involves five fingers (index, middle, ring, pinky, and thumb) performing six clicks for each finger in a set amount of time.

2. Is it Illegal to Click on a Butterfly?

Yes, if you overperform, you may be blacklisted. So it’s better if you don’t use this strategy at all, or else you risk being punished by the game and losing your ability to play it.

3. How Can You Tell If Someone Is Butterfly Clicking?

Assume you’re in the middle of an online game. There’s no way to tell if your opponents are phony accounts created by a computer to aid the actions of actual players, especially in games where individuals pay a price for a service in exchange for high-quality resources or items with which to play. You can simply watch how they play and react accordingly. When fraud occurs, however, it is more difficult for game producers, especially when individuals who want to cheat are willing to pay money in exchange for the chance to win the game. It’s only reasonable that safeguards are put in place to ensure that cheating users are not able to get away with it. So, in this scenario, some improvement is definitely required!

4. Jitter Clicking vs. Butterfly Clicking: Which Is Better?

Conducting an orchestra and clicking on a touchscreen are comparable in that both need mastery of a number of separate actions to accomplish the desired effect. While you should practice typical touchscreen motions like tapping and rubbing on a daily basis, it’s also crucial to pay attention to other movements that can be lost in the bustle of your hectic schedule. The quickest way to travel around a touchscreen is to lightly touch the top left corner of your device and drag your finger over the screen while keeping it parallel to the top border, which is known as good mouses for butterfly clicking.

 Conclusion – Mouse For Butterfly Clicking

hen testing a clicker mouse, it’s advisable to opt for one with a configurable thumb button that allows for quick browsing or undo/redo actions. Without additional mouse functionality, using a clicker can be less convenient as you’ll need to return to the top of the mousepad frequently.

The market offers a multitude of mouse types and sizes to cater to various preferences and needs. Some mice are particularly favored by experienced gamers who find them beneficial for gaming, especially those designed to accommodate butterfly clicking.

Our approach: We assessed a range of mice, each with varying sizes, shapes, and tactile qualities, catering to users with different hand sizes. Overall, there are numerous mouse options to consider. We understand the frustration that comes with boredom during extended gaming sessions, but don’t worry – there are plenty of enjoyable alternatives available. We hope you found this article helpful, and we welcome your feedback to help us improve.

There is a variety of butterfly-clicking mice on the market, each offering different features. Explore our selection of the 7 best butterfly clicking mice in 2022 to find the one that best suits your needs. When considering the purchase of a butterfly-clicking mouse, be sure to take into account the features mentioned above. We hope this guide assisted you in finding the right mouse for your needs. We understand you have a busy schedule, but how about sharing this post with your friends for just 2 minutes? Your support inspires us to continue delivering valuable information. Thank you!

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