Best Mouse For Autocad | Autocad mouse

Best Mouse For Autocad | Autocad mouse

So finally you are searching for the best Mouse for AutoCAD designing and you are come here.

You possibly can hardly precisely work on CAD with no particular AutoCAD mouse designed for AutoCAD programs. That’s the reason 3D designers broadly use a 3D modeling mouse as the principle tool for his or her tasks.

Irrespective of which program you select – AutoCAD or Solidworks, skilled mice enhance your productiveness and make the entire course of simpler. In case you’re on the lookout for the best mouse for CAD, chances are you’ll face some difficulties whereas making an acceptable choic

Well. in this post for 8 best mice for Autocad you can use for AutoCAD designing these are special designs by different branded companies for AutoCAD working. I know that Mice will prove the best mouse for Solidworks.

You can also check out the best mouse for small hands.

Best mouse for designers.

If you are a designer and you love designing in AutoCAD then you can easily go with these mosses. These are the best mouse for developers who are spending their time in developing different designs related to AutoCAD. So let’s dive into the article and read about the best process for AutoCAD

10 Best Selling Mouse For Autocad

10 Best Selling Mouse For Autocad – Full Review

#1. Logitech-G G600 Gaming mouse.

Best Mouse For Autocad

This cad mouse includes unique 12 buttons and a thumb panel designed for quick, no-look navigation. its low friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet eliminate friction on nearly any surface to make your work smooth, precise cursor movements, and improved accuracy of your work. The G shift ring finger button will fastly double the number of actions that you can perform with every button. it is Built for comfort Sculpted shape and tuned buttons will reduce your hand click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions  G8 cycle modes. Total personalization Set it up to your way with customizable thumb panel lighting colours, DPI levels, or button assignments  Do not use a USB hub.

Made for PC gaming  Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. With its 20 buttons, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is the most customizable for cad designing and very easy-to-use. This AutoCAD mouse specifically designed for mastering your favourite MMOs. although you’re out to burn down the boss or are in the heat of a PVP battle, this cad mouse gives you new power to execute every action with lightning-fast accuracy.

You can easily put every action at your fingertips with three primary buttons, 12 thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel that tilts, plus DPI and profile switching. well, They’re all pre-configured for optimal MMO use right out of the box – It does not require any driver. You can Put immediate access to all 12 primary MMO skills under your thumb. Its dual-dish design was developed with its input from leading MMO game developers. It’s Two carefully positioned sets of six buttons will help you to reduce action timings and you can easily minimize misclicks.

Set up to five DPI levels per profile and you can shift it between them with the press of a button—great for precision sniping. You can Locate keys in any room with custom backlit keys. Assign any of 16 million colours to each profile, profile mode, and mode style in the same game. You can tell, without looking down, which mode you’re in to ensure your setup is optimized.

The three memory profiles are stored onboard so you can access all of your buttons, tracking, and lighting colour information on any computer with no software required. Want to customize the default settings? Want access to more intricate macro and scripting capabilities than the onboard macros can provide? Download the optional Logitech Gaming Software and tweak your settings to perfection.

G600 is sculpted to support your hand through hours of raiding. Every button is tuned to reduce click fatigue without accidental actuation.

Experience high-precision laser tracking up to 8200 dpi. With primary buttons rated to 20 million clicks each and an ultra-durable braided USB cable, the G600 is built to last.

Top Features

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons, Black
  • 20 MMO tuned buttons: Includes unique 12 button thumb panel designed for quick, no look navigation; The low friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet eliminate friction on nearly any surface for smoother motions, precise cursor movements and improved accuracy
  • G shift ring finger button: Instantly double the number of actions you can perform with every button. PTFE Feet: 250-km range. Onboard memory: 1 profile
  • Built for comfort: Sculpted shape and tuned buttons reduce click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions; G8 cycle modes
  • Total personalization: Set it up your way with customizable thumb panel lighting colors, DPI levels or button assignments; Do not use a USB hub
  • Made for PC gaming: Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

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#2. 3D connexion cad mouse for professionals.

Best Mouse For Autocad

The days of clicking the mouse wheel are over thanks to the 3Dconnexion cadmouse’s dedicated middle mouse button. It’s simply more comfortable and convenient to press than The scroll wheel. And because enhancing the way CAD professionals work, rest and play are in our DNA, 3Dconnexion housed it in a stylish matte Black and steel Ergonomic design that supports your hand in a comfortable and natural position, hour after hour. Other mice aren’t designed with CAD users in mind, but the 3Dconnexion cadmium was born for it. With 3Dconnexion quick zoom, you can effortlessly zoom in and out of your geometry with a single click of a thumb button.

But don’t worry, scroll wheel lovers: the smart scroll wheel delivers precise Click-to-click zooming in CAD applications or speedy scrolling with INERTIA effects in browsers and documents.

The gesture button opens An application or environment-specific radial menu so you can access your favourite commands with a simple mouse gesture. The 3Dconnexion cadmium makes the best CAD work possible with no more clicks than absolutely necessary. Helping people to produce better designs, faster and more comfortably is our mission. When you pair a 3Dconnexion cadmium with a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse like the space mouse Pro or space navigator, the results are extraordinary. 3Dconnexion calls it two-handed power. Your 3D mouse smoothly positions your object or view, while your cad mouse selects and creates with ease. It’s a natural and comfortable work style that can’t be matched.

The 3Dconnexion cadmium and their line of 3D mice don’t just play well together. They were made for each other.

Top Features

3Dconnexion Cadmouse for CAD Professionals Windows/PC (3DX-700052)
  • Connection type: cable
  • Color: matte black
  • Movement detection: laser
  • Movement resolution: 8200 dpi
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, and Vista only.

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#3. Razer mouse for cad designer.

Best Mouse For Autocad

Perfectly designed to fit snugly under your palm, the ergonomic shape of the Razer DeathAdder Chroma gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during the most testing of battles

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is equipped with a 10,000dpi optical sensor. It is capable of mouse movement speeds of up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration, Whether your playing at fast or low speeds, the Deathadder Chroma will always respond onscreen with exacting accuracy and the organic fluidity only possible with an optical sensor The Razer DeathAdder Chroma’s sensor is also capable of tracking Z-axis to as low as 1mm on most surfaces including glass tabletops.

This is perfect for low-sense gamers who want to set tracking to cut-off as soon as they lift their mice. Chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable colour options Whether you’re in the mood for electric blue, pastel pink, or signature Razer green, you can now illuminate your Razer DeathAdder Chroma’s scroll wheel and Razer logo just the way you want. Favoured by eSports athletes the world over, the Razer Death Adder has established itself globally as the best gaming mouse. Renowned for its ergonomic design, swift responsiveness, and rock-solid build quality, this beloved mouse embodies the absolute best elements a gamer needs to dominate in any game.

Top Features

Razer DeathAdder Chroma - Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - 10,000 DPI Sensor - Comfortable Grip - World's Most Popular Gaming Mouse
  • Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips
  • 10 000 dpi optical sensor
  • Chroma lighting with a wide range of customizable colors
  • On the fly sensitivity adjustments
  • Always-on mode

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#4. 3D connexion 700049 for cad designer.

Best Mouse For Autocad

3Dconnexion 3dx-700049 space mouse Pro Wireless – radio frequency – USB – computer, workstation – 15 buttons) – right-handed only.

In the case of a wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse. Connect on a deeper level with your 3D content. Space mouse Pro wireless’s patented 6-degrees-of-freedom (6Dof) controller cap delivers natural feeling 3D navigation designed specifically for professionals. Smoothly pan, zoom and rotate models and cameras.

Easily position parts, assemblies, and designs. Intuitively examine and analyze your designs from every angle. It’s as close to holding your model as you can get. While your standard mouse selects, creates, and edits, the space mouse Pro Wireless handles 3D navigation for a revolutionary two-handed work style preferred by the world’s top engineers, architects, and 3D professionals.

Top Features

3Dconnexion 3DX-700049 SpaceMouse Pro Wireless 3D Mouse
  • 3Dconnexion 3dx-700049 space mouse Pro Wireless - radio frequency - USB - computer, workstation - 15 buttons) - right-handed only

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#5. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Best Mouse For Autocad

Unique thumb wheel: For horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. Easy connections for multiple computers: Use with up to three Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology Easy switching between computers with the touch of the button. Tracks virtually anywhere – even on glass: The Darkfield Laser sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass and high-gloss surfaces (4mm minimum thickness)

Advanced power management: Up to 40 days of power on a single charge. You can get enough power for a full day of usage in only 4 minutes, with no downtime while recharging. ( Battery life may vary based on user and computer conditions), Logitech’s flagship mouse is designed to provide the ultimate experience for power users and masters of their craft who want to get more done, more efficiently.

MX Master offers advanced features and a stunning design, optimized for Windows and Mac. Enjoy ultimate comfort, control, precision, and customization. The perfectly crafted, hand-sculpted shape of this comfort mouse is contoured to support your hand and wrist in a natural position. Well-positioned buttons and wheels enable fine-motion control and fluid experience.

Mouse mold manufactured from an original hand-sculpted design. Advanced features require software installation, download available at the Logitech website.

The speed-adaptive scroll wheel automatically shifts between scrolling modes in response to your touch. the click-to-click mode is ideal for precise, ratcheted motion. In hyper-fast mode, the wheel spins freely so you can fly through long documents and web pages. The thumbwheel adds easy horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. Install Logitech Options to extend thumb wheel capabilities, such as invert scrolling direction, reproduce touch-based gesture, navigate tabbed content, switch apps, and much more.

Combine the wheel with gestures for even more control. Logitech’s high-precision Darkfield sensor tracks flawlessly virtually anywhere, even on glass and high-gloss surfaces. The rechargeable battery gives you up to 40 days of power on a single charge. Charging is quick and easy. With the included USB charging cable you get a full day of power in only four minutes.

Connect the mouse to as many as three Windows or Mac computers—using either the included tiny Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology. Either way, you can switch between computers with just one touch of an Easy-Switch button on the bottom of the mouse install Logitech Options software to experience the full range of possibilities of this advanced mouse. Now also with app-specific options, MX Master allows you to program buttons to perform a specific task in one application and a different task in another application.

Top Features

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse – High-precision Sensor, Speed-adaptive Scroll Wheel, Thumb Scroll Wheel, Easy-Switch up to 3 Devices
  • Unique thumb wheel: For horizontal navigation and advanced gestures
  • Easy connections for multiple computers: Use with up to three Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology
  • Easy switching between computers with the touch of the button
  • Tracks virtually anywhere - even on glass: The Dark field Laser sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass and high-gloss surfaces (4mm minimum thickness)
  • Advanced power management: Up to 40 days of power on single charge. You can get enough power for a full day of usage in only 4 minutes, with no downtime while recharging. ( Battery life may vary based on user and computer conditions)

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Best Mouse For Autocad

Advanced Responsiveness – An innovative wireless mouse with a precision optical sensor, the thumb trackball offers superior movement and pinpoint accuracy. Comfortable, Ergonomic Design – Keep your hand and wrist more stable with our streamlined design that improves natural comfort, feels, and movement 6-Button Key Binding – Each trackball mouse boasts 6 unique thumb and finger buttons for binding keys for web surfing, playing MMOs, or fast-twitch shooting

Adjustable Resolution – Get the blazing responsiveness or steady pathing you need by switching between 750/1500 resolution; perfect for home or office use  Robust Wireless Connectivity – Enjoy the same flawless response you get from a wired mouse with our design thanks to the premium 2. 4 GHz connection. he M-XT3DRBK was designed based on six specific points in the hand and how the muscles and skeletal system interact. This gives it a more natural, comfortable feeling. Easily accessible and multi-functional, our trackball mouse boasts 6 unique buttons so you can bind keys for web surfing, gaming, or even writing documents.

Fitted with a high-performance optical sensor, our trackball mouse provides faster pin-point accuracy while strafing, moving, turning, and aiming. Bigger than your standard design, we use a 2.5mm support ball to help prevent dirt or film from reducing accuracy during operation. It also makes it easier to use! The trackball can be easily detached from the hole on the back of the main body for cleaning or general maintenance.

Quickly and easily alter the speed of pointer of your pointer by choosing between 750/1500 count responsiveness; all to give you smoother, more reliable scrolling.  Equipped with a pulse tilt wheel, you can scroll from side-to-side or flip landscape screens while working on a spreadsheet. We’ve adopted the durable, long-lasting Omron switch most frequently used in the left and right button pressing to ensure a long lifespan of clicks.

Top Features

ELECOM EX-G Trackball Mouse, 2.4GHz USB Wireless, Ergonomic Design, Thumb Control, Smooth Roller Ball, Optical Tracking, 6 Programmable Buttons, Tilt Scroll, Computer Mice for Laptop PC, Windows & Mac
  • ✅《OPTICAL TRACKING TECHNOLOGY》The ELECOM trackball provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy so you can get where you want on the screen quickly with less hand movement, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • ✅《FUNCTIONAL 6 BUTTONS》It is very easy to move in any direction. It comes with 6 physical buttons on the device and the two extra buttons are the scrollwheel tilting that allow horizontal scroll.
  • ✅《DPI CURSOR》Designed with a high-performance gaming optics system sensor and lens. The DPI button can easily change between 500(LOW) and 1500(HIGH) DPI, making the movements of your cursor faster or slower.
  • ✅《EASY MAINTENANCE》The ball rolls on three 2.5 mm large artificial ruby ball bearings. They are extremely smooth and the relatively large size prevents dust and dirt from clogging them. So you don’t have to clean the ball bearings too often. The ball is held in place by the ball bearings, but can easily be popped out of the device, by pushing it through the hole in the bottom and it can be easily cleaned.
  • ✅《PRODUCT DETAILS》System requirements: Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 or later (Horizontal scrolling function is not working in Windows RT8.1), macOS 10.10 later, Size: W3.7"(94.7mm) X L4.9"(124.4mm) X H1.9"(47.9mm), Weight: 4.5oz(without battery), DPI: 750/1500 count (switchable), Connectivity: wireless, 1 X AA battery(Included)- Battery Remaining Light Lamp equipped.

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#6. 3D connexion AutoCAD mouse.

Best Mouse For Autocad

Product Description

Portable 3D mouse, two buttons, with support for Windows XP, W2K, Vista, Linux, and Mac OSX. Compact and ultra-light, SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is the perfect travel companion for 3D designers and enthusiasts. Designed for mobile professionals and enthusiasts, the compact SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is only half the weight of its desktop counterpart. A small footprint makes it easy to use-even on airline trays-and a travel case makes transport effortless. A new cap design increases comfort while making interactions with your 3D world more natural and immersive. The two-button layout simplifies control.

SpaceNavigator for Notebooks works with all your favourite 3D applications on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or UNIX. Power dynamic 3D presentations with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Build highly detailed models in CAD applications such as Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks. Explore rich 3D scenes or worlds in Second Life, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Google Earth, NASA World Wind, or Microsoft Virtual Earth.

  • Designed to withstand travel wear and tear
  • Smaller footprint for use anywhere
  • Half the weight of SpaceNavigator
  • Cap designed for natural interaction
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7; Mac OS X 10.4.6 or greater; Linux Redhat Enterprise WS 4, SuSE Linux 9.3; Sun Solaris 8 (SPARC), Sun Solaris 10 (x64).

Top Features

3Dconnexion 3DX-700034 SpaceNavigator for Notebooks 3D Mouse
  • Designed to withstand travel wear and tear
  • Smaller footprint for use anywhere
  • Half the weight of SpaceNavigator
  • Cap designed for natural interaction
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7; Mac OS X 10.4.6 or greater; Linux Redhat Enterprise WS 4, SuSE Linux 9.3; Sun Solaris 8 (SPARC), Sun Solaris 10 (x64)

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#7. Logitech M570 mouse for AutoCAD.

Best Mouse For Autocad

Stop chasing a mouse around. Your trackball stays in one place and puts control under your thumb, so you don’t have to move your arm to move your cursor. And its sculpted shape supports your hand for comfortable control all day long. This trackball includes the Logitech Unifying receiver. The tiny wireless receiver stays in your laptop, so there’s no need to unplug it when you move around. Plus, you can easily add a compatible keyboard, Number pad, or mouse-without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.

You can go for up to 18 months without changing batteries*-and, the convenient Battery indicator helps to ensure that you’ll never be caught off guard. * Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions. You get precise cursor control wherever you want to use your trackball. Hard tables, comfy sofas, and lumpy beds are all no problem for the M570. The integrated scroll wheel and easy-to-reach Back/forward buttons make control simple, Whether you’re web surfing on a laptop or navigating a home-theatre PC. Stop chasing a mouse around. Your trackball stays in one place and puts control under your thumb, so you don’t have to move your arm to move your cursor. And its sculpted shape supports your hand for comfortable control all day long.

Note: In the case of a wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse. Work in comfort with a stable, sculpted trackball that supports your hand and lets you rest your arm.

Top Features

No products found.


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#8. Logitech M570

Our Choice

61QrqZ8uurL. AC SL1500

DPI: 540 (Laser) | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver) | Buttons: 5 | Ergonomic: Proper-handed




It isn’t crucial to maneuver palms as with an ordinary mouse ⊕ Correct cursor control ⊕ Totally different floor help ⊕ Lengthy-lasting battery ⊖ Feels unusual as first ⊖ Noisy clicking buttons

Many customers are questioning what the difference between an ordinary mouse trackball and a CAD trackball is. Once we first tried the trackball, it gave the impression to be uncomfortable.

We began shifting it throughout the desk as an ordinary system. It was troublesome to work precisely and control the system to level it on the specific item. That isn’t stunning as we’ve by no means handled related units earlier than, thus it’s going to take you a while to get used to them.

Inside a number of hours, it grew to become simpler to make use of the M570 and we loved the method as this mouse for CAD design simplifies the administration of the cursor loads.

For Home windows customers, we suggest putting in Logitech SetPoint Software program because it provides completely different choices to regulate the system, resembling specific button instructions, trackball actions, battery conditions, or precise configurations for gaming periods.


#9. Cimetech Slim Wireless Mouse

Low cost

DPI: 800 to 2400 | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver, Bluetooth) | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous


Nice battery capability ⊕ Noiseless ⊕ Can be utilized proper out of the field ⊕ Overpriced ⊖ Not for folks with large palms

Essentially the most vital drawback of wireless mice is that it’s a must to change batteries when your system stops working. If a mouse comes with a chargeable battery, it’s possible to charge and use it concurrently due to a particular charger.

After buying the Cimetech’s wireless mouse, we’ve got made certain to charge it proper after unpacking. The battery lasted for greater than three weeks which is fairly spectacular in the event you examine it to different units. What’s extra, the mouse costs and syncs fairly fast.

There may be an energy-saving characteristic as well. This best CAD mouse routinely goes right into a sleep mode if it’s not getting used. It’s particularly helpful for these, who may often overlook to show it off. You possibly can shortly discover when the battery will get low due to the blinking sign.

To charge the system, you possibly can take the particular wire that comes with the mouse. The system will be additionally charged by way of the Android-phone suitable wire that comes with older variations.

#10. Logitech G600

Highly effective efficiency

DPI: 50 to 8200 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 20 | Ergonomic: Proper-handed




Numerous customizable buttons ⊕ Strong build ⊕ Highly effective efficiency ⊕ Settings are easy to regulate ⊖ Not for small-handed folks ⊖ Cumbersome design, weighs an excessive amount of ⊖ Rigid cable

This CAD mouse has a stable build and is on no account inferior to its opponents. Due to the matte floor, you’ll hardly discover any fingerprints or scrapes.

Because it has a high profile, it’s good for a palm grip. Its major promoting level is a set of 12 programmable buttons G9–G20 positioned on the thumb relaxation base. Whether or not it’s essential to use the system for work or gaming, each button will be programmed for various instructions.

What’s extra, every of the G-buttons has its distinctive lighting. Due to Logitech’s signature software program, a person can select any lighting shade.

One other distinctive benefit of this best mouse for CAD is that it comes with an additional G-Shift button that’s positioned on the top panel close to the suitable button.

The modifier permits assigning any mixtures for any button on the go, thus enabling a person to double the variety of instructions from 14 to twenty-eight.

#11. Logitech MX Anywhere


6170mJHIsYL. AC SL1500

DPI: 200 to 4000 | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver, Bluetooth) | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Proper-handed




Good ergonomics ⊕ Nice autonomy ⊕ Works on virtually any floor ⊕ Possibility of an ongoing move ⊖ Poor physique supplies, wheel hole ⊖ Noisy scroll wheel operation ⊖ Too small for giant palms

The Logitech MX mouse could appear low-cost within the hand, on the stage of probably the most budget fashions, not only by Logitech. Furthermore, you’ll discover the tough plastic and the gaps between the buttons and panels by which inside mechanisms are seen.

Additionally, the wheel hole and noisy work in customary mode unpleasantly stunned us.This worthy AutoCAD mouse is supplied with a Darkfield sensor, which is nice for various surfaces.

We used the mouse on glass, on the desk and material bedspreads. Whatever the floor, the mouse tracked actions appropriately, without pointless jerking or delay.

#11. Kensington Professional

Easy setup

81G48dhhQML. AC SL1500

DPI: 0 | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver, Bluetooth) | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous




First rate high quality ⊕ Not troublesome to setup ⊕ Full button configuration ⊖ Old style ⊖ Costly

The Kensington Professional stands out with a hoop, a giant ball within the center, and 4 massive buttons on the outer a part of the physique. Basically, you’ll transfer the cursor by touching the ball with the forefinger, scroll by spinning the ring and press the buttons for different actions.

Each left and proper buttons are managed by related clicks by default. However you possibly can assign them to the mandatory choices. To try this, it’s essential to set up their software program in your PC.

It’s the best AutoCAD mouse as a result of its comfort and wrist relaxation possibility. The latter will be fixed to the trackball for higher efficiency. In addition to, it doesn’t require you to get a mousepad, because the model works ideally without one.

The trackball is wireless, so there isn’t a must get a cable to attach it to your system. There are two choices for the connection – by way of a 2.4 GHz USB nano receiver or Bluetooth 4.0 Sensible (LE). In addition to, the mouse has a DiamondEye optical sensor for correct cursor control.


#12. ELECOM Trackball Mouse

Substitute for the MS Trackball Explorer

71aqPca5YJL. AC SL1496

DPI: 750 to 1500 | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver, Bluetooth) and Wired (USB cable) | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Proper-handed




Three connectivity varieties ⊕ Tilted scrolling wheel ⊕ DPI switch ⊕ Good sensitivity, easy operation ⊕ Eight configurable buttons ⊖ Too small for giant palms ⊖ Troublesome Elecom compatibility ⊖ The DPI switch is troublesome to achieve

The Elecom Trackball Mouse is the primary model that provides three connectivity varieties in a single physique – a wireless one by way of Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz USB dongle. The third one is wired connectivity by way of a USB cable.

This CAD trackball features a diameter of 44 mm. What you’ll actually take pleasure in is the standard of high-end artificial ruby bearings. The trackball motion of this new model is de facto mushy because it’s one of many smoothest fashions in the marketplace. In addition to, it’s relatively quiet and easy-to-use whereas shifting the ball.

As a result of easy entry to the Bluetooth/USB, you possibly can merely switch this drafting mouse between two units, like PC and laptop, TV and laptop, and so forth. In doing so, one of many units might be connected by way of USB whereas the opposite one by way of Bluetooth. The button will allow you to switch from one system to a different on a regular basis.

#13.Dconnexion 3DX-700040

Perfect SolidWorks mouse

51wxt1Qsr L. AC SL1000

DPI: 0 | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver) | Buttons: 15 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous




3D control ⊕ 3Dconnexion and strange modes ⊕ Ambidextrous design ⊕ An amazing choice for SolidWorks and Fusion-360 ⊖ Costly

Identical to all 3D-manipulator fashions from 3Dconnexion, the SpaceMouse Professional mouse comes outfitted with a patented 6-Levels-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor that makes it simpler to maneuver a model or a camera in 3D-space.

With this best mouse for 3D modeling, you possibly can take pleasure in an all-side view possibility and a 90-degree rotation characteristic. Due to the SpaceMouse Professional’s fast view keys, you will get entry to 12 customary view modes. It makes it considerably simpler to discover a mistake within the design.

You can too view the consequence extra shortly. By utilizing the rotation mode key, you possibly can switch to a different 3D transfer tool, for example, to make use of the zoom or shift choices to work in your structure extra successfully.

Every of 15 totally programmable sensors permits you to get on the spot entry to probably the most usually used instructions. The total-size base with a mushy coating layer offers an ideal palm relaxation making it simpler to make use of this best mouse for CAD.

#14. Logitech MX Grasp 3

Snug CAD mouse for editing

614w3LuZTYL. AC SL1500

DPI: 1000 | Interface: Wireless (USB receiver, Bluetooth) | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed




Wonderful efficiency, adjustable settings ⊕ Noiseless scroll wheel ⊕ Could be connected as much as 3 PCs ⊕ Straightforward-to-customize profiles ⊖ Appropriate for small-handed folks ⊖ The uncomfortable thumb relaxation button

Logitech has determined to additional improve the design of its units by equipping the MX Grasp 3 with the upgraded MagSpeed scroll wheel. Electromagnetic expertise permits making actions extra exact.

A person can select between completely different modes, for example, a Ratchet or Freespin ones. To switch, one wants both press the particular button positioned under the wheel or use the SmartShift characteristic by way of the software program that comes with the mouse. Relying on the best way you utilize the wheel, a mode will be modified routinely.

The SmartShift possibility might be appreciated by these, who work with spreadsheets and multi-page paperwork. There’s a gesture button on the thumb relaxation that may be simply personalized to your liking, relying on the route of your actions.

This wireless AutoCAD mouse is suitable with USB Kind-A typical, so you possibly can join it to your computer or laptop by way of a 2.4 GHz receiver from the space as much as 33 toes (10 meters). These, who’ve the Logitech Unifying Receiver, can hook up with it as much as 6 units. If it’s essential to join the mouse to the system that doesn’t have a USB Kind-A port, there’s one other connection possibility obtainable, specifically, the Bluetooth Low Vitality mode.

If the speed appears inadequate, it’s possible to lift it in software program by utilizing a particular slider. The system comes with pre-saved profiles for Microsoft Edge, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Professional, Final Lower Professional, Safari, Microsoft Workplace, and Google Chrome. These, who’ve any of those products put in, can routinely get entry to the corresponding profiles.

#15. RBT Rebel Real

Many customization options

31K84hbQ61L. AC

DPI: 500 to 10700 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-Handed




Designed to cut back wrist ache ⊕ Good for players ⊕ Excessive precision, a well-thought-out design ⊖ Wired connection only ⊖ It take time to get used to the grip type

When you may discover the RBT Insurgent not as comfy to make use of as different units at first, you might be certain to understand it if you take a better look.

It has a singular design that has been created particularly to assist keep away from any indicators of muscle pressure. Should you spend long hours in entrance of your PC, you’ll considerably profit from utilizing such a tool. We’ve been testing this best mouse for CAD for a few week and we should conclude that it considerably reduces wrist ache.

The RBT Insurgent Actual is bought on Amazon for $81.13. As you additionally need to pay for delivery, it appears fairly costly, particularly in the event you check out different high-end gaming units.

However, if you wish to reduce muscle pressure and take note of your well being, then it could be a sensible possibility to think about. I counsel you to take a better take a look at this mouse if it’s a must to work in your PC for a long interval.

#16. 3Dconnexion Cad Mouse [3DX-700052]

3Dconnexion is a well-known model on this enterprise as a result of they make a few of the best CAD-oriented peripherals – a lot of that are additionally on this record. 3DX-700052 might seem like a standard mouse nevertheless it’s particularly manufactured for CAD work. It has an ergonomic design and three further buttons which makes working with CAD a breeze.

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The ergonomics of this system and the manufacturing materials really feel nice. We may use this mouse for a number of hours without any indicators of fatigue. It’s a big mouse, so we suggest it for medium-large palms. And with 8200 dpi, this system is extraordinarily exact and refined in control. It additionally has a center button. It’s an important various for scroll click on and as any mouse person would know that scroll clicks are flimsy and end in unintentional scrolls. So, having this dedicated button helps loads in CAD.

As for scrolling and zoom, there are two programmable thumb buttons that are quick and dependable. Due to the groove between them, it was hassle-free to maneuver with the mouse without any visible cue. But it surely makes use of Omron switches that are fairly primary. Though It doesn’t hamper the workflow – because response time doesn’t matter in CAD, we really feel that we should get higher switches for the cash.

  • Nice ergonomic design and choice of fabric, comfy to make use of in longer periods
  • Good for medium-large palms and it has a dpi of 8200
  • Very useful center button for scroll clicks and two superior programmable keys on the side which can be utilized for zooming
  • Omron switches don’t meet the expectation for the value

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#17. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700062 Cadmouse Wireless

3DX-700062 is much like 3DX-700052 in some ways by way of design and really feel of the product. The largest addition to this entry, although, over its final iteration is the flexibility to go wireless. It seeks to offer a really cellular expertise as you should utilize it by way of a dedicated receiver, Bluetooth and even USB cable.


51puG1LrG1L. AC SL1200

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 The design and materials of this system are fairly much like 3DX-700052. It is rather ergonomic and feels comfy to make use of for throughout long periods. The identical story goes with button structure and control as well. It has a dedicated center button for center clicks, as an alternative of counting on unreliable scroll click on. Though it’s lots exact the DPI is a bit decrease – 7200 – than our earlier entry. The 2 programmable side buttons are additionally current in 3DX-700062.

Though there isn’t a obvious difference from the final entry, the keys really feel just a little extra tactile. It additionally has a characteristic referred to as Sensible Scroll, which routinely toggles between easy scrolling and click-to-click zoom. We discovered it to be very helpful given our use case. Should you occur to purchase this, additionally, you will get a hard-case carrying pouch for the mouse. We favor 700062 over 700052 since you get wireless connectivity at more-or-less the identical worth (at the very least, on the time of writing). So, in response to us, it’s a greater worth, although it takes a DPI hit.

  • Wonderful ergonomic design and choice of fabric, it is vitally comfy
  • Options like Sensible Scroll, Quickzoom, and programmable buttons make it immensely handy to make use of
  • It has triple connectivity – a dedicated receiver, Bluetooth and USB cable
  • It comes with a hard-case pouch to hold round in backpacks
  • Decrease DPI than 700052

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#18. Logitech MX Master 3S

Logitech wants no introduction and this mouse is only one of their many mouses that hundreds of individuals vouch for. With an important ergonomic design, wonderful tactile suggestions and weight, MS Grasp 3S is ideal for any type of use, however the added performance of Circulation Management and Auto-Shift scrolling make it exceptionally good for CAD.

614w3LuZTYL. AC SL1500

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Earlier than we soar into the performance half which makes this mouse an incredible discount for CAD, we’ve got to cope with the design. Briefly, the design is wonderful, some would name it legendary. Logitech is aware of how ergonomics work and MS Grasp 3S meets the Logitech customary of high quality and luxury by and thru. It seems beautiful as well, from polygonal sample on thumb relaxation to the curvy physique, this mouse is actually lovely. Lastly, in regards to the features, we can’t stress sufficient how a lot we cherished Circulation Management.

It allows you to use the mouse on a number of separate units directly – together with file switch utilizing copy-paste. It helps in irrespective of the type of work however for CAD, it’s exceptionally useful as a result of a lot of our testers use a number of units of their workflow. The Auto-Shift Scrolling is refined to perfection as well, it shifts seamlessly between click-to-click and hyper-fast scrolling. Couple these features with triple connectivity and nice battery life, and you have your self the proper wireless mouse for CAD.

  • Impeccable ergonomics and cozy materials. Working for longer periods is a breeze
  • Triple connectivity – a unifying receiver, Bluetooth and wired. It may be used whereas charging
  • Circulation Management – allows you to use 3 units directly – and Auto-Shift Scrolling are immensely useful
  • None

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#19. 3Dconnexion Space Mouse Enterprise [3DX-700056]

This peripheral is heaven-sent for any CAD employee. 3DX-700056 will get a heads up on some other CAD-oriented system with this house mouse that has 31 programmable keys and a coloured LCD display screen. And it additionally permits you to shortly view 3D fashions with 6-Levels-of-Freedom (6DoF) with its wonderful House Navigator {hardware}.

51szLvZ5q8L. AC SL1200

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It has a glossy and ergonomic design. The only gripe we’ve got with the design is the truth that the house navigator sits within the center, relatively on one side which elements the button set into two halves. It makes reaching buttons on the left just a little extra cumbersome. However overall, we predict that the design is nice. Out of the 31 programmable keys in whole, there are 12 clever keys that change performance on the fly relying upon which software program is getting used.

This large arsenal or buttons offers it a big edge over others. You possibly can set the performance of the buttons, catering to your wants, by utilizing 3DxWare 10 software program for the best efficiency. The LCD display screen will be set to display any information you need, for instance, shortcuts of the software program in use. Managing views with this factor is a breeze. You possibly can set customized views utilizing the aforementioned software program and map it to particular buttons. It’s a characteristic we may only discover in House Mouse enterprise. That’s why it’s our favourite.

  • It has a glossy and ergonomic design and also you’ll haven’t any downside working for long periods
  • It has 31 programmable keys, out of which there are 12 clever keys, that change operate on the fly, and three keys for customized views
  • The LCD display screen is an added bonus – making this system capable of provide you with visible help and prompts
  • The centre place of house navigator hinders the entry of buttons on the left side

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#20. Razer Naga Trinity | True 16,000 5G Optical Sensor

Razer is a really well-known PC {hardware} model due to their wonderful gaming-oriented peripherals and laptops. However Razer Naga Trinity is an superior discount for CAD customers as well as a result of it has 3 interchangeable side plates for thumb buttons and an ergonomic design. Should you don’t thoughts the gaming aesthetics, this may simply be proper up your alley.


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Sure, it does have the signature razer design with the black and inexperienced theme with RGB lighting nevertheless it additionally has impeccable ergonomics of Razer that PC customers everywhere in the world, love. The scroll wheel has nice tactile suggestions and may be very sturdy. There are additionally 2 center buttons for added performance. Let’s get to why we predict that this mouse is ideal for CAD customers. The side plate for the thumb is interchangeable and also you get 3 choices to select from. 

The one we’re interested by has 12 totally programmable buttons. You possibly can map these for any shortcut or button course of and even save your preferences in profiles utilizing the Razer software program. The way in which it’s designed, you will get the texture of every button precisely without any visible cue. And in our testing, we bought to out full working speed, if not past, only after a number of hours of utilization. It additionally has a really high dpi of 16,000 and a 5G optical sensor. Due to this fact, it’s insanely correct and responsive.

  • Nice ergonomics from Razer, actually comfy to make use of for long periods
  • There are 3 interchangeable, one in all which has 12 programmable buttons
  • This can be very correct with a 16,000 dpi 5G optical sensor
  • The Razer aesthetic is lower than skilled

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#21. Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse Trackball

Logitech M570 is a wireless mouse that comes connected with a trackball – which will be immensely useful for CAD. Other than that, you get the identical high quality and ergonomics from Logitech that many PC customers vouch for. The sensor and buttons are of impeccable high quality as well.

61QrqZ8uurL. AC SL1500

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The design is a minimum of what is predicted from Logitech. It’s masterfully sculpted to suit proper into your hand and it’s a breeze to work with it for long work periods. There are two again and ahead button on the top, by the left click on button, which makes navigation and browsing tremendous easy.  It’s a wireless system that comes with a dedicated receiver referred to as Unifying receiver. Therefore, the connection is dependable and the control is correct. The battery life can also be fairly exceptional. The scroll feels good as well. It has good traction and isn’t wobbly or flimsy. However nonetheless, it’s not the promoting level of this mouse. M570 has a trackball that may simply be managed by the suitable thumb which makes navigation, particularly in 3D house, utterly easy. This trackball makes it such a singular and helpful system for CAD customers that we needed to put it on our record.

  • It has an important ergonomic design which makes it comfy to make use of for long periods
  • It comes with a unifying receiver, so, no trouble for wireless connectivity
  • Nice battery life, it might run as much as 18 months with a single charge
  • It has a dedicated thumb-controlled trackball which makes navigation by 3D house hassle-free
  • The navigation buttons are troublesome to precisely press

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#22. Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G700s is an incredible gaming mouse however as we’ve got already seen with the Razer’s entry that good gaming mouses will be good for CAD too. With a number of programmable buttons and refined control, this mouse proves to be a good possibility for CAD without deviating loads from the conventions of a daily mouse.

71wqRJEefZL. AC SL1500


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Since it’s designed for gaming use primarily, it’s designed to be comfy for long periods of use. And for a similar purpose, it additionally has impeccable accuracy and response time. Even in wireless mode, it’s fantastically correct. The battery life is fairly exceptional too and also you don’t have to fret about downtime as a result of it may be used whereas it’s charging out of your private computer. Essentially the most engaging characteristic is its 13 programmable buttons that may be assigned varied shortcuts. You possibly can even save these shortcuts in a profile within the mouse’s onboard memory and switch between them on the fly relying upon your use. You get a most of 5 profiles at a given second. Other than that, the buttons are extremely tactile, and are positioned properly and distinctively, so you possibly can function without any visible cue. Additionally, the scroll has good grooves on it for good suggestions. Add all of those factors collectively and you’ve got a mouse that retains it easy and works nice for CAD.

  • Ergonomic design and cozy materials choice, good for working for longer periods
  • Exceptional battery life and can be utilized whereas charging
  • It has 13 programmable buttons and it can save you as much as 5 profiles of the on-board memory for switching on the fly
  • Tactile buttons and scroll wheel, makes the expertise hassle-free and handy
  • The aesthetic is lower than interesting

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How to Choose the Best Mouse for CAD?

cad mouse


One of the vital issues to think about when you’re selecting a brand new mouse is how comfy it feels in your hand in the event you use it for long hours. Most customers favor large-size mice with an important ergonomic design. Rubber parts close to thumb relaxation and on the edges be sure that a mouse won’t slide in your grip and it is possible for you to to control it simply.


Earlier than making your choice, examine in case your system can be utilized with such widespread CAD tools as SolidWorks, Revit, Blender, and so forth. Mac and Linux customers should additionally examine if a tool of their choice is suitable with their working programs.

Extra Buttons

Avid gamers, architects, and designers will profit from buying a mouse with easy-to-customize buttons. You possibly can to shortly create helpful shortcuts by utilizing hotkeys. Some units permit editing objects in a 3D mode. For instance, a person can rotate an object. It’s helpful to have further keys that can be utilized for Pan or Zoom choices. However, when a 3D mouse for CAD has too many buttons, you may discover them troublesome to recollect. Due to programmable buttons, CAD customers can resolve any process extra successfully.

Resolution or Sensitivity

cad mouse

Whereas decision could be vital for superior customers, who must buy a high-precision system, it’s not so important for normal duties. Should you don’t want your actions to be extraordinarily exact, you’ll hardly discover any difference between high- and low-resolution mice.

Wired or Wireless

Earlier than making a purchase order, think twice about which connection type you favor. Each wired and wireless devices have their benefits and drawbacks. As an example, you won’t want to interchange or charge batteries of a wired drafting mouse however cable administration may get a bit troublesome at instances.

FAQ – Best Mouse For CAD Buyer’s Guide

• Which mouse to decide on for AutoCAD?

We imagine that the Logitech M570 is the best possibility.

• Which mouse to buy for design initiatives?

The best system for designers is the 3Dconnexion Spacemouse.

• What makes a CAD mouse completely different?

It has a well-thought-out design, ergonomic features, and a 7,200 DPI optical sensor. A lot of the best mice for CAD will be moved very easily and are fairly exact.

• Which mouse should I buy for Photoshop?

We’re satisfied that it is Logitech MX Grasp 3.


Best Mouse For CAD Buyer’s Guide

We’re together with a small information that may provide help to resolve whether or not or to not purchase a mouse for CAD by yourself. The next parameters are the important thing elements you should be mindful whereas making a mouse buy for CAD.


PC Aided Designers principally have long work periods, so, it’s essential to pick up a mouse that’s comfy to make use of for hours and hours. When deciding upon ergonomics, you will need to do not forget that finally each particular person will favor one thing completely different. So, we encourage you to attempt or take a look at out a mouse before you purchase it. However in the event you don’t have that liberty then you definitely’ll need to primarily contemplate these factors: dimension, the thumb and finger relaxation, and the load of the mouse.

Better space navigation?

A mouse is only higher than different typical mouses for CAD if it has the {hardware} for higher house navigation or it has further programmable buttons for shortcuts. Every mouse is completely different in implementing higher navigation by 3D house. It may be by a proprietary navigator, a trackball, and so forth. So, you’ll need to try to take a look at out what works for you. Though these navigators will be baked in a daily mouse simply tremendous, we imagine {that a} dedicated house navigator is the best solution to go.

Better shortcuts?

We expect that the best provide {that a} mouse can have for CAD is further programmable buttons. If the mouse has further programmable buttons, then you possibly can set extra shortcuts on your most used features in any CAD software program. With just a little little bit of getting-used-to, it might considerably enhance the speed of your workflow.

Conclusions about  Best Mouse For Autocad.

So you enjoyed the list of AutoCAD Mouse designers and if you want more you can click here and find more mouses.

I hope now you are able to decide which one is best according to its feature and specification and if you have any questions you can comment below.

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