Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Most gamers, especially those who indulge in Minecraft will agree that sometimes, getting the extra clicks from your mouse can give you an advantage over your opponents. Whatever action the click does more clicks in many cases will result in carrying out the action much faster and in very quick successions. The skills basically entails the technique of rapidly clicking your mouse with two fingers.

This is in contrast to jitter click where only a single finger is used. People who have mastered this have found benefits with getting the best mouse for butterfly clicking. We talk in depth about how butterfly clicking works below and also what kind of mouse to get, but let unveil the mice first.

Glorious Model O Gaming – Recommended Mice for All Kinds of Clicking


Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking


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If you want a single most popular mice for Minecraft clicking technique ranging from drag clicking to butterfly clicking, then this is the most recommended option out there. The CPS from your mouse highly depends upon the how easily the buttons click, their feedback and how shallow their actuation point is. The single most important feature it has that allows it to butterfly click is in its settings called the Debounce Time.

You see mouse mice now days have settings that prevent them from registering double clicks. For the majority of the games this is an essential feature. However for a game like Minecraft, you need that double click feature in order to register as many CPS as possible. With mouse you can essentially toggle the double click on/off using the Debounce Time setting.

Also with a mouse with rigid buttons that requires a certain degree of force to click, butterfly clicking could be hassle. But with mice that are light to touch with mechanical switches and those that are very responsive with their clicks you can expect some sweet CPS numbers. Fortunately, Glorious Model O is a mouse that has been hailed as one of the lightest to touch and most suitable for high CPS clicking methods.

The mouse has a respectable 12,000 DPI has a 6 button layout and an ambidextrous form factor. For this simple reason alone and due to its popularity, this is the best mouse for butterfly clicking.

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Razer DeathAdder v2 – Recommended Mouse for Butterfly Clicking


Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

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If you are looking for single handedly the most popular gaming mouse out there, this is it. Razer DeathAdder is almost completely synonymous with gaming grade mice. It also happens to be an exceptional mouse for butterfly clicking thank to beautifully the buttons are crafted. You can find countless gamers and streamers with videos showing this mouse in action for butterfly clicking.

The mouse has a very sensitive 20,000 DPI sensor that can be adjusted by the two DPI buttons at the top. The buttons aren’t too intrusive so you won’t have to worry about accidentally pressing them when playing or working on demanding tasks like the design. The mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons as well as RGB lighting all customizable through the Razer Synapse software.

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Glorious Model D – Ergonomic Mouse for Butterfly Clicking


Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking


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While the Glorious Model O highlighted above is an ambidextrous mouse, the Glorious Model D, on the other hand, is an ergonomic mouse catered toward right hand gamers.

The mouse has a slight bump on its left side which allows your right hand sit comfortable on its surface with a slight slant to the right mimicking the natural resting position of the wrist. In addition to that, the mouse also has a natural thumb rest for added comfort. But the real point to note here is that both this and its older Glorious O counterparts both give you access to Debounce Time setting which allows you to essentially toggle the Double Click ON/OFF. We reiterate the point of double clicking because when you butterfly click, you are essentially double clicking.

Normal gaming mice prevent this from happening. This mouse, on the other hand, give you the ability to tweak the settings. Other than that, this mouse is more or less same to the Glorious Model O. It weighs almost as much i.e 69 grams vs 68 grams. It is also wired and has 12K DPI. In the end, if comfort matters to you, then this could be the best mouse for butterfly clicking for you.

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Logitech G403 Hero – Affordable Option – For Small Hands


Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking


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If you are looking for something that is a bit more easy on the pocket, then you may find this to be an excellent peripheral for gaming. This gaming mouse is particularly designed for those who have small hands. The thing about butterfly clicking is that you need to have a firm grip on the mouse. If you get a mouse that is too large for your hands, you may not be able to achieve a good enough click per second rate.

Hence, for those of you have smaller hands, this can work quite well for you. Just like the DeathAdder Elite, you also get 16.8 million colors to play with on this device’s addressable RGB spectrum. However, customization don’t end there. You also get 6 programmable buttons that you can assign to tools and macros that you use with your work.

Being minimal also means that this is a mouse that you can take to work with you without being flashy as most gaming mice do. The RGB LED lights are available on the Logitech’s logo as well as on the scroll wheel. The mouse is built lightweight and ergonomically to improve usability and minimize risks of injury during extended usage. You also get a removable 10-gram weight which is great for users who like a weighted feel.

The 25000 DPI sensor means you can get great performance from this and tasks that require a lot of sensitivity like quick moves in gaming, illustrations or image editing will benefit a lot from it. You get onboard memory that can store your custom key assignments for the programmable buttons so that you can use them on any computer. Being easy to use makes this the best mouse for butterfly clicking.

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Razer Naga Trinity – Butterfly Clicking Plus Programmable Buttons


Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

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Butterfly clicking is essentially a technique that is highly employed in MMORPG games, therefore, why not get a mouse that is particularly designed for such games? Razer Naga Trinity is considered to be one of the most loved mice for MMORPG games as well as for games that can benefit from a lot of buttons.

This mouse is basically a button-heaven. It features 19 programmable buttons 12 of which are located on the thumb grip.

As such, you can use these buttons to access your most used commands, spells, actions etc. Note that this mouse comes with detachable grips for 2, 7 and 12 buttons on the thumb grip.

But of course, the cherry on cake here is that this has a construction quality similar to, if not better, than the Razer Death Adder which is considered an essential mouse for butterfly clicking anyways. If the prospects of having a plethora of programmable buttons sound appealing to you then this is the best mouse for butterfly clicking in our opinion.

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SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Ambidextrous Lightweight

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking


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Another very popular brand for butterfly clickers is the SteelSeries. Most of their line of mice from Sensei 300 series to Rival 600 series, are considered great for butterfly clicking. The Sensie 310 is a mid range mouse weight at about 90 grams, has an ambidextrous design, 12000 DPI and 6 buttons. The design of the buttons is what usually attracts many gamers. However, in the end it all boils down to your preference. As one game pointed out, it does take a while for SteelSeries mice to warm up to the effect of double clicking.

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What is Butterfly Clicking?

    When you click your mouse in a game, there’s an action that the character performs. If that action is essential to the gameplay and performing it numerous times gives you an edge above other players, then you’ll want to find ways to improve your clicking.   The essential goal is increase the CPS or clicks per second. Butterfly clicking came to be like this.

It involves using two fingers on the main key you use for the particular action. For most right-handed users, this will be the left mouse button. The technique usually involves first placing your index finger and your middle finger on the main key. Thereafter, alternate clicking the button with one of the fingers in quick successions. The video above explained how butterfly clicking works.

Butterfly clicking has the potential to take your CPS to 12-14 easily, however, those who have mastered the technique may even reach 25 CPS! Try to wrap your head around that number.

Benefits Of Butterfly Clicking

Done correctly, this can get you a lot of clicks per second. On games with which registering many clicks gives you an advantage like Minecraft, this will be a great skill to master. 

Disadvantages of Butterfly Clicking

When playing games locally on your computer butterfly clicking is very harmless and will win you many levels, even some of the hard ones. The problem with butterfly clicking is that high CPS is prohibited on many online game servers as it gives an advantage to some users thereby disadvantaging other players. The servers basically register high CPS as double clicking or auto-clicking which in turn results in a ban.

Those who are adept in butterfly clicking can garner higher CPS, therefore, unbalancing the fairness of the gameplay. This is frowned upon in many online game servers. So, when playing popular PVP games online, make sure you know their rules on this so that you can keep your account safe. 

How Does Jitter Clicking Differ from Butterly Clicking?

You can stick to jitter clicking on servers that ban butterfly clicking. This is where you use one finger to register more clicks by also making use of your forearm muscles. You get fewer clicks with this than with butterfly clicking though. Jitter clicking is quite straight forward.

You just tense the muscles of your wrist and press the primary buttons as fast s you can. At an average jitter clicking is slow than butterfly clicking if you know both techniques well. On top of that, jitter clicking is also more taxing on your muscles.

The Technique and The Tool Matters for Butterfly Clicking

A good craftsman is only as good as the tools of his trades. The same goes with butterfly clicks. Not only do you need to master the technique by practicing, looking at pros do it etc, but you also need to have a suitable mouse. Investing in a sub par mouse with only frustrate and prolong your goal of reaching the high CPS rate.

Choosing the Right Tools: The Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

Grip for Butterfly Clicking The grip is very important for a good butterfly clicking experience. Source Razer Adder V2 There are plenty of factors that can go into choosing the right mouse for butterfly clicking.

The Buttons

The foremost important factor when choosing the right mouse is the button switches. You need to have buttons that are very light to touch, have a shallow actuation and have a comfortable grip for placing two fingers comfortably.

Shallow actuation and light touch buttons matter because they can stimulate double bounces when pressed in a certain way. This is a VERY VERY important point to remember. When you are butterfly clicking, you are essentially pressing the button 20 – 25 times individually. Instead you are bouncing the fingers off the buttons in way that it stimulates two clicks.

This not possible on all mice though. Many mice these are actually built to block double clicks because in any other game other than Minecraft (and the likes) double clicking can get quite annoying.

Rest of the Factors

Of course, the grip is one of the most essential part here. You have to gauge the size of your hands. You have to make sure that if you have small hands that you do not purchase a mouse with a large grip. On top of that, you have to make sure the orientation of the mouse. Most mice are built for the right-handed. If you are left-handed, you will need to look for either left-handed mice or ambidextrous mice.

You have to look at the DPI and what kind of settings it provides. Finally, most gamers prefer going for Wired mice to reduce the input lag. However, some wireless gaming mice do have a very high response rate that can match clicks per second of your butterfly clicking.

However, since pro butterfly clickers can get very fast, we do not recommend wireless mouse for the sole reason that sometimes the PC MAY not register the clicks . gaming mouse weights Professional gamers are picky about the minutest of details including the weight. Source: Corsair Nightsword There a plethora of other factors like the ergonomics, the surface material used i.e matte, rubber, plastic, whether it includes weight customization etc that go into choosing the mouse as all of these contribute to how well you can butterfly click in the end.

Summary- Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking

This article was dedicated to the best mouse for butterfly clicking. Here we generally talked about premium gaming mice since butterfly clicking is a technique employed by gamers essentially. Since the construction quality of the buttons is of paramount importance, we cannot recommend anything less than high grade mice from a well known brand for butterfly clicking. Here we also talked about what butterfly clicking is and briefly talked about the factors that matter when purchasing a mouse.

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