Top 15 60% Keyboards

Some people find themselves torn between using a small keyboard and using a mechanical keyboard. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider a 60% mechanical keyboard as a viable option for what you’re looking for. 60% mechanical keyboards provide you more area for your mouse hand to move about, allowing you to aim, navigate, flip, and browse the web as you wish without stretching your arm out to an uncomfortable position.

Not only should these keyboards be portable, but they should also be multifunctional, comfortable, and long-lasting. 60% of keyboards contain simply the bare minimum of what is required for a keyboard. The advantage of moving to it is that you’ll have more space.

Many functions, such as delete, arrow keys, home, and others, will, however, be on separate layers of the keyboard rather than being the first performance of a key. It takes some time to get acclimated to the tiny layouts. However, once you get through that initial period of study, the benefits start to emerge. We’ll provide you with a list of the 7 best 60% mechanical keyboards currently available so you can make an informed decision about which one to buy.

Whether you discover that the little kind factor provides a competitive advantage or not, one thing is certain: 60 percent of keyboards free up a lot of desk real estate for more mousing space. The ten best tiny keyboards on the market are discussed in this article. We’ll examine their features and determine precisely what is required to press the benefit. Are you ready to bid farewell to litter and hello to victory? Let’s get this party started.

A Closer Look at the Top 20 60% Keyboards in 2021

Now, let’s have a better have a look at the best 60% mechanical keyboards available on the market.



1. Ducky One 2 Mini – The best 60% keyboard overall

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Akko X Ducky | Type: Wired | Switches: Cherry |Keys: 61 | Dimensions: 13.5 x 6 x 2 inches | Backlighting: Yes |  Weight: 1.3 kilos

Ducky One 2 Mini is likely one of the best keyboards out there, no matter being a 60% mechanical keyboard. The manufacturing high quality is top-notch and has gained loads of respect within the gaming neighborhood. The astonishing appears to be like, replaceable keys, and customizable RGB makes it an ideal choice for any consumer. It comes with a set of keys to customize it in response to your style. The HyperX Red switches are quick in response and have tactile sound to enhance your keyboard expertise.

One of the features that distinguish the Ducky One 2 mechanical keyboard is its unique design. It comes with a variety of options, switches, and sizes. The convenience of typing on the keyboard has been praised by users. There are also a lot of features that are built right into the keyboard, so there is no need for software. Cherry MX switch stabilizers are included with the Ducky One 2. It has RGB lighting, which allows for personalization. The color of the keycaps can also be changed. The keyboard has a good feel to it and is well-made.

The capabilities on this keyboard are varied and comprehensive, however, it lacks software for customizing macros and RGB. The physiological keys are used to complete everything. You don’t have to throw away the manual if you acquire this keyboard, but someone with enough knowledge would appreciate the lack of these capabilities because they allow for offline modification. The USB port has been reported to be a little misplaced in the production process, however, the operation of this keyboard is excellent.

We all remember the days when USB keyboards couldn’t directly register a lot of keys, but this keyboard offers USB N-Key Rollover capability. It gives you the ability to immediately push a number of keys, which is useful in gaming. It includes a USB-C port and may be able to handle macros, which can be programmed simply by pressing a series of keys. DIP switches are also included on the keyboard to allow you to customize your structure.

Are you looking for the best 60% keyboard round? How about one that is used by professional gamers all around the industry, from Ninja to Tfue? Don’t look any further than the Ducky One 2 Mini! Because of Cherry MX switches, multi-function macros, and lovely RGB LEDs, this youngster is sure to raise your game. The Ducky One 2 Mini is extremely durable and customizable, making it the ideal complement to any high-end gaming setup. Connect to your PC using a solid USB-C cable connection for near-instantaneous response times, and you’re all but guaranteed the dub.

Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, Black, Silent Red, Silent Black, and Speed are the various switch types available. It does come with a standard USB-C cable. However, because it’s removable, it might easily be changed. It is, however, solely wired and cannot be used wirelessly. All of the larger keys on the One 2 Mini have wonderful stabilizers: shift, enter, backspace, and the area bar.

  • RGB LEDs through USB-C
  • Durable PBT keycaps w/ Cherry MX Switches
  • Excellent typing expertise
  • Well-built design
  • Excellent backlight
  • RGB Customization without software program
  • Poor desktop grip
  • No Mac compatibility points
  • No software program in any respect, only firmware
  • No arrow keys
  • No wrist relaxation
  • Wire only


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2. DREVO Calibur V2 – The best 60% mechanical keyboard on a budget


Drevo Calibur - Best 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: DREVO | Type: Wired | Switches: Outemu | Style Options: 2 | Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches | 

Take command of Calibur and show the opposition just what you’re made of! This gorgeous 60% keyboard has pro-grade gaming features like N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, and deliciously adjustable LEDs – all for the price of a large Round Table pizza! While the DREVO’s software is only available for PC (macOS and Linux gamers should search elsewhere), it remains the greatest wired 60% keyboard on a budget.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Stunning RGB LEDs
  • N-key rollover & anti-ghosting
  • Wired connectivity
  • Software is PC only
  • Subpar build high quality

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3. HyperX Alloy Origins 60 – The best 60% keyboard for gaming

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: HyperX | Type: Wired | Switches: HyperX | Style Options: 1 | Dimensions: 11.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches 

The HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard is one of the most popular peripherals in the gaming industry. The keyboard’s top-tier switches, double-shot keycaps, aircraft-grade aluminum body, and built-in gaming features were only available in full-size or TKL varieties until recently. Now? With the Alloy Origins 60, you get access to everything! With the Origins 60, HyperX went back to basics, removing the number pad, arrow keys, and F keys, leaving you with only the essentials.

Utilize the flexible measurement by personalizing your keys with the HyperX NGENUITY software application, and make full use of onboard memory and Game Modes to annihilate your opponents. Plug in the USB-C, choose your favorite illumination settings, and you’ll be unstoppable in no time! The greatest 60 percent gaming keyboard for aggressive gamers hands down, and one of the best 60 percent keyboards for Fortnite fans.

  • Comes with HyperX’s sturdy switches
  • Durable PBT keycaps and aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Customizable lighting and macros through HyperX NGENUITY
  • Red switches only
  • Not ideally suited for multitasking
  • Requires wired connection

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4. Anne Pro 2 – The best wireless 60% keyboard

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Anne Pro | Type: Wireless | Switches: Cherry, Gateron, or Kailh | Style Options: 2 | Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches

For customers across the spectrum, the Anne Pro 2 is certainly one of the best tiny wireless keyboards. Take it to work, college, or the next gaming meet, and you’ll be able to connect with ease thanks to Bluetooth 4.0. Enjoy 8 hours of battery life that will last you the entire day, as well as lightning-fast 1ms response times that will never let you down!

The keyboard offers an auto-sleep feature to conserve battery life. Aside from those flaws, the Anne Pro 2 appears to be well-made and has a sleek appearance. Despite the fact that it is made of plastic, it is extremely stable. It sports matte-finish PBT keycaps. The keys have a slight wobble to them, but it isn’t visible when typing.

They have a double shot shine from PBT, and the legends will never fade even after years of use. Each secret is completely programmable, with RGB illumination that can be customized in each key. The keyboard is available with a variety of Gateron switches, including Cherry MX and Kailh switches. Gateron switches are considered a top-tier “clone” of Cherry MX switches. Customers have grown to regard this as a wholly unique switch that manages to live up to the unique Cherry MX’s expectations over time. The disadvantage of using this mechanical keyboard is that it has poor ergonomics as a result of the absence of incline options. There isn’t even a place to rest your hands. And, because it’s a tad smaller than the standard key measurement, it might be difficult for some to utilize.

The keyboard can be all white or completely black. It has a standard 60% structure, thus the keycaps may be changed without difficulty. Shade keycaps are included on the keyboard to allow for more customization of the beneath row. Switching keycaps is simple with the help of a keycap puller. The weight is solid and well-made, but it is still portable. Unlike the floating keycap design, the bezel style is highly classic and repels mud and hair.

The Anne Pro 2 comes in a variety of switch configurations, featuring Cherry, Gateron, and/or Kailh OEM components. Customize the illumination and programmable keys to your heart’s delight, and revel in the convenience of keyboarding like never before.

Anne Pro 2 is a mechanical keyboard with a number of connectivity choices. The keyboard features BT 4.0 for wireless connectivity and USB Type-C for wire connectivity. The keyboard can run between eight hours to 4 weeks, relying on brightness and LED power. The response time is low, and it additionally features the NKRO/Anti-ghosting characteristic whereas connected with a USB-C connection.

It ensures that a number of keys on your keyboard are directly registered. Although the Bluetooth is a little slow, it isn’t advertised as the major feature of this keyboard. It’s an extra feature that keeps the tabletop wireless. The brightness isn’t great, and there’s no way to combine the lighting effects. Setting macros is time-consuming and inconvenient, but they are useful for repeating phrases and actions.

Gateron Brown switches with a tactile motion have been installed in Anne Pro 2. In contrast to linear movement, they have a 2mm drop in peak activation intensity. One of the weakest among the most successful gamers argues that elements such as activation level and key placement can improve your chances of winning competitive gaming. Where a fraction of a second can make all the difference.


  • 1ms response time
  • Comes with arrow keys
  • Full-range of RGB lightning
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
  • Tricky setup
  • Occasionally misses keystrokes
  • Some points staying connected
  • No Bluetooth 5

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5. Drop ALT Mechanical Keyboard – The best compact mechanical keyboard for modding

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Drop | Type: Wired | Switches: Cherry, Halo, or Kaihua | Style Options: 1 | Dimensions: 12.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 in |

The Drop ALT is believed to be one of the greatest 65 percent keyboards available on the market, as it is the weapon of choice for many talented programmers. This variant has a robust metallic body with equally sturdy hot-swappable switches and is completely programmable with QMK. Modify this keyboard to your heart’s delight and use it for programming, gaming, and/or every day (compact) play.

Not to mention, it comes at a reasonable price. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, the ALT is available in both a high-profile and a low-profile form. The value of the two variants differs significantly. The keycaps are a nice two-toned doubleshot shinethrough PBT with easy-to-read legends. You can choose from Blue or Brown Cherry MX switches with RGB, or you can purchase the Halo True and Clear switches.

The Massdrop ALT is a hot-swappable keyboard, unlike other mechanical keyboards. This means you may easily remove the switches without having to desolder and solder them back together. 3-pin or plate-mounted switches benefit from the Drop ALT. When you’re ready to replace the switches, keep an eye out for this feature. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the fact that the ALT has a smaller correct shift key, measuring 1.75u. This key is found in many keycap units; however, double-check to be sure.

To operate with your setup, the ALT contains a USB-C port on the top left and right sides. One issue with the ALT is that it requires a lot of power to operate. This means that switching to a different power cable might not work 100% of the time. The ALT keyboard was created by Massdrop to be the little sibling of the CTRL. With 67 keys, it features a compact structure. Although there are no Fn keys, there are shortcuts and auxiliary layers that provide performance.

Arrow keys can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. With QMK compatibility, the keyboard is completely configurable. It also has a lot of RGB lighting that can be customized. Because you can alter all of the pieces from the DROP configurator on the website, QMK does not require any software to be downloaded.


  • Dual USB-C connectors
  • Programmable w/ QMK
  • Floating keys w/ double-shot PBT caps
  • Two USB-C ports
  • RGB lights
  • Expensive
  • Louder keys
  • 65% design is barely bigger than competing choices

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6. Royal Kludge RK61 – The best 60% keyboard for newbies

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: RK | Type: Wireless | Switches: Outemu | Style Options: 4 | Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 2 inches | 

The RK61 is the keyboard to have if you’re looking for a reliable entry-level 60 percent keyboard. This Bluetooth-enabled wireless tiny keyboard has a battery life of 10+ hours and low latency for fast-paced forceful movements. If you’re ready to show your opponents who are boss, grab this small gaming accessory and send them fleeing for cover.

As a gamer, the sound suggestions from the board’s click on may help to ease the conformance of key registering to the PC. Your tabletop will remain uncluttered because of the tiny form and simplistic structure. The keyboard is a little heavy compared to others, but portability is determined by weight and size. The keys have been noted to get shinier over time, but the materials are durable enough to ensure long-term performance.

The keyboard includes a compact 1450mAh battery that lasts for 10 hours, and the RGB brightness can be adjusted. This keyboard’s keycaps are made of top-of-the-line Doubleshot ABS materials. The Royal Kludge RK61 is a single mild backlit keyboard with 17 dynamic backlit modes, each with its own shading effect. It includes a variety of machine connection capabilities, including one USB port and three Bluetooth units that will be registered with the keyboard. The single light may appear to be a deal-breaker, yet it appears to be ideal for those who prefer simple and contemporary designs.

  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • 10+ hours of play (800 mAh battery)
  • Bluetooth connectivity w/ low latency
  • Tricky setup
  • Single shade backlight
  • Uses outdated Bluetooth 3.0

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7. Cooler Master SK-621 – The best mini mechanical keyboard


Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Cooler Master | Type: Wireless | Switches: Cherry | Style Options: 2 | Dimensions: 12.5 x 5 x 2.5 inches |

Cooler Master is among the many best within the gaming enterprise. And their newest creation, the Cooler Master SK-621? Yeah, it’s badass. This 60% mini mechanical keyboard comes loaded with features like hybrid wired & wireless connectivity, 512KB of onboard storage, and built-in game-enhancing software program. Built utilizing Cherry MX Switches and high-grade aluminum, the SK-621 is in a category all its personal.

  • Aluminum building
  • 512KB storage for on-the-fly macros
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and hybrid connectivity
  • Charging points
  • No top adjustment
  • Blindingly vivid charging mild on CAPS key

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8. MOTOSPEED 61 – The best small gaming keyboard

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: MOTOSPEED | Type: Wireless | Switches: Outemu | Style Options: 2 | Dimensions: 11.5 x 4 x 2 inches | 

The MOTOSPEED 61 is the best 60% gaming keyboard in its worth range. This peripheral is available in a number of colours and boasts distinctive high quality and efficiency. Connect to your PC or Mac through Bluetooth 3.0, then game in fashion with RGB backlights all aglow. Backed by improbable reviews and a 2-year guarantee.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology
  • LEDs w/ 17 million colours & 19 results
  • Durable Outemu Switches & double-shot keycaps
  • Finicky FN keys
  • Occasional key shake
  • No dedicated arrow keys

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9. Happy Hacking Professional 2 – The best 60% keyboard for programming

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Fujitsu | Type: Wired | Switches: Topre | Style Options: 2 | Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 2 in |

Fujitsu’s Happy Hacking Professional 2 is next on the list. This pro-grade keyboard is especially well-suited for tech workers, thanks to its key combos and dip switches, but casual gamers will appreciate its versatility as well. The HHP2 has a sleek, basic design that looks great in the office or in the game room, and the Topre Capacitive Switches provide next-level precision. What about ergonomics? The near-symmetrical design and curved body combine for unrivaled comfort aboard a well-known kind factor.

The Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 has a lot of reasons to adore it (HHKB). It has a top case and a rear case, both of which have a seam running through them. Depending on where you place your fingers, this seam can feel lumpy. It does have a classic design and high-quality PBT keys. The Topre electrostatic capacitive switch is used on the keyboard, and it is responsible for eliminating key clatter. It also provides extra comfort, the most tactility, and keystroke precision. The HHKB has a completely different structure than other boards.

The Ctrl secret, for example, has been transferred to Caps Lock because of its design. Backspace has been relegated to the backslash key above entering. It may take some time to adjust, but many people have stated that they are unable to switch back after using this framework. The keyboard was created by programmers for programmers in order to ensure that speed, precision, and dependability are prioritized.

  • Sleek minimal design
  • Works on PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Best-in-class Topre capacitive switches
  • Older model
  • Extremely costly
  • Keystrokes lack tactility

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10. Dierya DK63 – The best multi-platform 60% keyboard

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Dierya | Type: Wireless | Switches: Outemu | Style Options: 1 | Dimensions: 12 x 5.5 x 2 inches |

Do you like to play games on a variety of platforms? Maybe you’re a die-hard PC gamer who throws in a game of Flappy Bird every now and then? Don’t worry, we’ll keep our mouths shut. Whatever the scenario maybe, you’ll be covered with the Dierya DK63. This 60% keyboard is ultra-compact and portable, and it comes with everything you need for multi-platform gaming. It seamlessly syncs with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, giving you a PC-like gaming experience on any device. The best part? It has all of the standard features you’d expect from a gaming keyboard, including customizable keys, N-key rollover, and, of course, stunning LEDs.

Wireless connectivity and a long-lasting 1900 mAh battery are included in the keyboard. With or without the foot raised up, the keyboard provides an excellent gripping mechanism for slick surfaces. The spacebar on the keyboard has a blue light beneath it to indicate that it is charging. It never quits, no matter how much power is used. The brightness is drastically reduced because the back of the keyboard is black, absorbing light rather than reflecting it to increase brightness.

The RGB shade palette is limited to 7 colours with 8 RGB outcomes, but the efficiency is fantastic, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in response time in competitive games. This keyboard’s value is unrivaled. With the appropriate switch placement, the rattling is practically gone. In terms of value, the keyboard exceeds its competition. The keys are simple to remove and will be replaced with double-shot PBT to improve the overall feel. At this price level, you can’t make a mistake with your purchase. Brown Switches with a tactile response is included. This keyboard’s overall efficiency outperforms everything else in its price range.

  • 10 meters of range
  • Rechargeable 1900 mAh battery
  • Works with PC, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Tactile Feel Brown switches
  • High-Quality Material with ASB Keycaps

  • Uses Micro USB
  • Poor paint high quality
  • Reports of occasional ghost typing
  • No DIP switches

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11. Vortexgear Cypher 65%


Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Manufacturer: Vortexgear | Keys: 61 | Switches: Cherry MX | Backlighting: No | Dimensions: 11.60 x 4 x 1.4 inches | Weight: 1.76 kilos

The Vortexgear cipher has a cultured aluminum bezel body with a black-on-black motif, which is one of the cool features. This allows the RGB colors to really pop when you’re typing on the keyboard. It also has a plate between the PCB and the Cherry MX switches, which gives the keyboard an extra layer of robustness. Twitch gaming streamers were the first to popularise this keyboard.

It, along with its competitors, the Anne Pro 2 and Ducky One 2 Mini, became well-known. Because the keycaps are laser-etched PBT, they have a premium and durable feel to them while in use. It comes with a variety of Cherry MX switches in Blue, Brown, Clear, Red, Silent Red, and Silver colors. It’s worth noting, though, that the keycaps don’t come with a keycap puller.

One of the advantages of this keyboard is that it comes with a number of RGB modes that do not require the use of any software. It also has excellent macro assistance, which might be challenging at first. Each key can do up to 32 different keystrokes. You’ll also be able to program up to three layers. The Caps Lock key does not need to be converted to an Fn key because the keyboard features a DIP switch. Switching between keyboard layouts is simple. You may also program each individual key shade as well as the preset modes. This feature allows you to edit your gaming keys separately from the others, or to make each row a different color.

The possibilities are endless. The provided USB cord is a micro USB cable, not the standard USB-C wire. The underside of the keyboard features sticky pads to keep it from transferring. The keycaps are floating, allowing the RGB to light through rather strongly. The metal plate is white, which contrasts with the overall black design. When the lights are turned out, it appears to be peculiar. With RGB turned on, the white backpalte reflects the sunlight and looks fantastic. On the second layer, the arrow keys are labeled I/J/K/L. In addition, the inventory keyboard has built-in supplementary media capabilities.

  • Premium look
  • PBT keycaps
  • Cherry MX switch choices
  • Programmable layers
  • Secondary media keys
  • Convenient location of arrows
  • No kickstand
  • Micro-USB cable as an alternative of USB-C
  • Loud stabilizers
  • White backplate with all black design

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 12. Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard

Top 15 60% Keyboards

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Razer has just released the Razer Huntsman Mini, which is a totally new product. It’s a 60% small mechanical keyboard that looks and feels like its big brother, the Huntsman TE. The Mini has a standard structure with PBT keycaps that are double-shot shine-through. It’s available in both black and white, with two distinct switch options. The Razer Optical switches, which are engineered for speed and quick reaction, are available in either purple linear or purple clicky options. Both have short actuation times and a light spring drive. On the top proper side, there is a removable USB-C cable that fits extremely securely.

In terms of gaming peripherals, Razer Huntsman Mini has a 60 percent market share. As they put it, their products are “for gamers, by gamers.” They design products specifically for gamers to improve their gaming experience. Razer’s previous designs were overly loud, despite the fact that they provided a tactile sensation. Inside the Razer Huntsman Mini 60 percent, Razer has incorporated two units of silicon strips on each side of a switch. That has effectively produced a significant improvement and made it sound intriguing. You can use macros and RGB patterns on the keyboard to personalize your keyboard experience, however, the software used to create these macros and RGB patterns is linked to the computer you’re using.

If you’re taking your keyboard somewhere else, the information will be lost unless you import the configuration of your new PC. The keyboard’s operation is a little mysterious at first, but you grow used to it as time goes on. They use a lubricant on the spring to extend its life. Razer products are known for their long-lasting performance. The cutting-edge razer optical switches ensure that the secret is recorded as soon as feasible. The actuation distance is 30 percent shorter than the 1.5mm switches on the opposing side. The suggestions are excellent, and the total bundle is well worth the money, especially with the new and improved acoustics. The keycaps are constructed of PBT, while the keyboard is built of aluminum.

This is the one to choose if you’re a serious player who values speed, response time, and efficiency. It has 7 preset lighting effects that are programmed on-board. Razer Chroma Studio must be used and opened on a frequent basis for customized RGB results. The keyboard is capable of storing macro profiles, but not RGB profiles. This may be a significant transfer for Razer, as well as a well-designed keyboard.

  • PBT keycaps
  • Standard 60% structure
  • Detachable cable
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Satisfactory Tactile Response
  • Fast response optical switches
  • Good software program for RGB and Macro
  • Stabilizers are very loud
  • Optical switches are actually mild, permitting typos
  • Price tag
  • No offline macro storage

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DIERYA DK61E is a 60 mechanical keyboard with a water-proof circuit board. Long hours of gaming can get you hungry and thirsty. We have seen many live streams fail on account of water spillage on the keyboard. This keyboard ensures breakless gaming expertise with zero downtime on account of liquid spillage. It comes with the PBT Doubleshot keycaps, that are top of the road within the gaming business.

The optical purple switches are expected to provide a linear motion-based sound signature with a refined sound character. These keyboard switches are noisy, and despite the fact that the unusual keycaps are Doubleshot PBT, they appear to be inexpensive. The keyboard does not have wireless connectivity, so a wired connection is required at all times to use it. There are programmable Macros on the keyboard, but no programmable RGBs.

Many functions may be accessible with the FNX key, which eliminates the need for a second key on the board. It’s probably one of the keyboards that come with software for offline macros. The optical switches can be hot-swapped with the switches. It implies you won’t have to throw away your keyboard because you’ll most likely have extras. This keyboard is a fantastic value for money. There are 61 keys on the keyboard, including numeric keys that are shared with the purposeful keys.

  • Easily swappable switches
  • Weather proof circuit board
  • User-friendly software program editing features

  • No quantity pad

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14. HUO JI E-Yooso Z-88 RGB

71t9mYmFbnL. AC SL1500


 The Huo Ji E-Yooso Z-88 RGB keyboard is a compact, low worth, plug and play thus require no driver. The choice of fabric in manufacturing this keyboard is top-notch with high-quality ABS materials fitted on a metallic base and laser-etched alphabets. The 81 keys are compact and have an N-key rollover, which permits a number of keys to be pressed at one time. Most USB keyboards can’t register multi-key indicators, however, this keyboard has no drawback differentiating them. Huo Ji E-Yooso Z-88 RGB keyboard has a purposeful key in an ungainly place. You want two fingers to function any perform so simple as volume enhance or lower.

By removing the specialized key column for web page up and web page down, the keyboard measurement may have been reduced. The keycaps have a bad quality feel to them, however, you can easily replace them with Doubleshot PBT. It uses Gaote/Outemu hot-swappable Blue Switches, which have a clicky response and a 6015gm actuation drive. To swap keycaps quickly, the field includes a keycap puller.

Each secret is controlled by an independent switch, ensuring accuracy and a faster response time. With 50 million clicks, the keys are durable. The keyboard incorporates non-slip rudders within the field to ensure a firm hold on the desk, and the keycaps are bicolor mildew.

  • 10 backlight modes

  • Extra Switches included within the field

  • Minimalist Design with Decent Lightning

  • Flashy RGB


15. Redragon K552


Redragon is gradually gaining popularity in the gaming community. It is currently focusing on the lower-cost segment of the market with items that outperform all of its competitors. The gamers like the value and efficiency that it provides with its products. Another product that has gotten a lot of attention is the Redragon K552. At this price point, the metallic alloy base and ABS-based keycaps are excellent. The Radragon K552 keyboard does not have a detachable cable. Removable cables survive longer and maybe replaced more quickly during extended touring.

The cable connection is attached to the keyboard, and it could break while on the road, reducing portability. Wireless connectivity can be a problem. Overall, the bundle is excellent for this price point. The keyboard lacks macro programming and DIP switches seen on high-end keyboards, yet it produces a natural typing sound. The anti-ghosting feature ensures that all 87 keys register battle-free, allowing for uninterrupted gaming instructions. The 12 multimedia keys provide for easy access, and the gold-plated USB connector assures that the USB will last a long time. There are 5 brightness levels and 18 different RGB lighting settings to choose from, as well as 9 different colors. Mechanical switches have the same appearance as cherry blue switches.

  • Compact with 87 keys
  • Durable as much as 50M keystrokes
  • RGB lighting modes, 9 colours, 5 backlight brightness
  • Non-replaceable cable


What is the best 60% keyboard for your setup and playstyle? Let’s go over important issues.

1. Wired vs. Wireless

The best 60% mechanical keyboards are available wired and/or wireless configurations. Wired keyboards require a direct line to your PC’s USB port, whereas wireless keyboards use 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth know-how to speak over the airwaves. There are professionals and cons to every type. Wired keyboards provide larger consistency and the quickest response instances, whereas wireless keyboards are extra portable, and also you don’t must depend on a direct connection. Now, we get this query usually: are 60% of keyboards good for gaming? In quick, sure! But, wireless 60% keyboards are higher fitted to informal play, whereas wired fashions present the consistency you want for the best aggressive edge.

2. Switches

Switches are the mechanical springs beneath every keycap, they usually range in tactility.

For the very best expertise, switches from Cherry MX are thought-about best-in-class. But with premium high quality comes a premium price ticket. Fortunately, smaller manufacturers have stepped up their game in recent times. Nowadays, you could find a superb keyboard with switches from manufacturers like Outemu, Gateron, and Kailh.

3. Aesthetics

If it doesn’t look cool in your desk, what’s the purpose? Think about your ideally suited shade scheme. What matches the remainder of your setup? There’s no must compromise, as there are many choices — black, white, silver, two-tone — the alternatives are infinite. Not only that, however many 60 p.c keyboards additionally characteristic LEDs for an additional splash of vibrancy. Choose the choice that matches your gaming room setup, and get again to taking part in in fashion.

Quick Shopping Tips:

Keyboards include totally different accent keys and replaceable keys. You can enhance the best way your keyboard appears to be like by merely pulling out a key and changing it with the colour of your choice.


Mechanical keyboard is all about switches. The switches give out a tactile sound and might contribute to lowering the journey time. They can provide the aggressive edge you want in gaming.


You must see what sort of interface your {hardware} helps; most avid gamers and IT technicians desire PS/2 keyboards as they’re simply detected by the BIOS and theoretically present a greater response than a USB keyboard.

DIP Switch:

There have been many various kinds of keyboards out there with totally different layouts. Users get used to particular layouts and need a related structure on their new keyboards. The keyboard which permits switching structure features the DIP switch.

Customizable RGB:

RGB in keyboards have been enhanced to a stage you could customise the lighting on keyboards by urgent some switches altogether. The impact and shade will be modified to enhance aesthetics.


Modern keyboards provide programmable keys. You can choose one key to carry out a number of capabilities altogether. For instance, you’ll be able to program “Hi, How are you” on the quantity 8 key. Whenever you press 8, the keyboard will mechanically type “Hi, How are you” for you.


Pros and Cons of a 60% Mechanical Keyboard


60 percent benefits

For anyone looking for a tiny keyboard with a mechanical feel, a 60% mechanical keyboard is a nice option. The majority of full-sized keyboards feature 104 keys. A 60% keyboard, on the other hand, has fewer keys. When it comes to measurements, it takes up 60% of the space of standard keyboards while maintaining the same number of keys.

They simply don’t include the number pad as well as the rarely used Home, Page Up, and Scroll Lock keys. Some keyboards are so little that they don’t even have arrow keys. The good news is that if you hit a regular key and the Fn key together, the missing keys will usually appear. You’ll enjoy having a 60 percent mechanical keyboard in your desk after you’ve grown used to it.

60 percent disadvantages

The lack of arrow keys is the biggest disadvantage of a 60% mechanical keyboard. Most keyboards also lack the often used top row F keys, which make it easier to access shortcuts. You’ll have to use the Fn key instead, thus you’ll need to employ shortcuts.

Thankfully, producers are more than willing to listen to client complaints. As a result, they’ve devised workarounds to make using a 60% mechanical keyboard more convenient. More information about the 60% mechanical keyboards in our comparison list may be found below:


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best 60 keyboard?

Ducky One 2 Mini is absolutely the beast in 60% keyboard with mechanical switches. The materials is premium. RGB results, keycap high quality, the brightness of RGB, and choice of physique materials is premium. The keyboard presents DIP switches to switch between layouts and has offline macro programmability, making it keep in mind the settings whereas touring.

Are 60% keyboards higher?

A mechanical keyboard is likely one of the best 60 keyboard choices you may get out there. They look gorgeous looks-wise, take up much less area on the desk, and provide a superb key registration sound that retains you typing and gaming. The Razer Huntsman Mini 60% is a primary instance of stylish appears to be like with no compromise on performance.

What keys are lacking on a 60 keyboard?

We have featured a few of the best keyboards available on the market. While writing the reviews, we perceive that the entire computer related workforce and avid gamers are shifting in direction of a 60 keyboard regardless that it’s the lacking numeric pad. The purposeful keys are included within the quantity key, like within the DIERYA DK61E 60%, which maintains a minimalist look.

How many keys are on a 60 keyboard?

The variety of keys will depend on the keyboard producer and the important thing measurement the producer decides to maintain. The business is transferring in direction of standardization, however that limits the variety of keys you’ll be able to have on a 60 p.c keyboard. Consider the Royal Kludge RK61; it has 61 keys of ordinary measurement, however if you would like additional to suit, you’ll be able to cut back their measurement, however that removes any possibilities of altering the keycaps rapidly.


There are numerous reasons why you should convert to a mechanical keyboard that is 60% mechanical. In any case, you should keep in mind that there will always be tradeoffs between comfort and measurement. A 60% mechanical keyboard, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative if you want to strike a balance between these two concerns. I discussed a few of the top 60 percent mechanical keyboards available in this article. Depending on your typing preferences, you always have the option of choosing which model to use.

We determined to review for each best 60 mechanical keyboards for gaming that can assist you to determine which one to decide on to your tabletop. Each product has been reviewed intimately to cowl all of the points {that a} keyboard features. The 60 mechanical keyboard is portable, ergonomic, minimal, and aesthetically interesting. Silent non-mechanical keyboards flooded the market as an innovation just a few years again however have been principally rejected by the gaming neighborhood. The journey time of the important thing and suggestions of the mechanical keyboard provides it a sturdy really feel. First, we’ve got some fast ideas that can assist you to determine on the keyboard that would improve your gaming skills:

We’ve identified 60% of keyboards that are incredibly expensive with all of the features you could want, like DIP switches, swappable switches, Bluetooth, dedicated wire, programmable macros, and programmable RGBs, as well as offline programming. The majority of the functions available on top of the keyboards are useless to a large portion of the gaming community, therefore it’s up to you to decide which options you want. We examined each performance in detail to have a better understanding of its purpose and impact on the keyboard’s overall efficiency.

Then we wrote on a low-cost keyboard with limited capabilities but excellent value for money. If you prefer the feel of a mechanical switch but aren’t concerned with RGB or macros, we’ve selected goods from lesser-known manufacturers with suitable high-quality items. If you’re looking to show off, we recommend the greatest Ducky One 2 Mini, which comes with a plethora of options to play with. If you’re looking for a truly minimalist keyboard, look no further than the Huo Ji E-Yooso keyboard that we reviewed. We hope you’ll be able to choose the best-suited product for your needs.

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