RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

The Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes: How to Choose Them

The RGB lighting is quickly becoming a standard feature of all gaming computers. RGB colours are present in all components of your gaming PC, making it simple to select lighting settings. On the other hand, seeing the same lighting settings using the keyboard or mouse might be boring.

As a result, it is critical to alter the RGB scheme of your keyboard regularly. So, how do you pick the best RGB keyboard colour schemes? If you require an RGB keyboard colour scheme, Razer and other manufacturers provide various preset settings to make game setup easy. This post will go through some of your keyboard’s most common RGB lighting effects.

RGB colour schemes may differ from one manufacturer to the next since some keyboards have built-in settings, and others may be changed. The keyboard may be used to make two sorts of colour modifications. The first is the primary colour scheme, while the second is the RGB lighting scheme. Let’s go through the specifics before looking at some common colour effects.

1. Keycap Color Scheme

As more manufacturers provide mechanical switches with changeable keycaps, the customization of keycap patterns is not a new trend. With the keycap remover, you may remove the key and configure the layout to your preference.

RGB Keyboard Color Schemes


If your keyboard does not include a new keycap or additional set, you can locate a reputable website online. Some websites include customizable keycaps that are ideal for creating patterns. Kono and Original are two prominent retailers offering a variety of RGB keyboard colour colours for your next journey. The Kono store’s light brown Snowgivings 2021 motif is one of my faves. You may experiment with Goodspeed in other ways. It features an excellent key colour scheme, a legend for modifier keys, and appropriately spaced keys.

2. Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

After macros and key bindings, the RGB backlight colour scheme is the second most popular way for gamers to customise their keyboards these days. These RGB lights have pre-set effects or let you change some or all of the colours. Each has its own pros, but for gamers like me who like to change every part of the game, fully customizable RGB lighting is the best option. Here’s a look at all the RGB lighting colour schemes and the popular pictures that use them, including my favourite Pac-Man colour scheme. Here is a full GIF collection of keyboard colour schemes.

Built-in RGB Lighting Scheme

Most keyboards that cost less than $100 have the RGB colour scheme built in. You can only change a small number of RGB settings and effects on these keyboards. There are mostly ripple, rainbow, fade, wave, and monochromatic effects in these RGB settings. You only need to use the keys on your keyboard to switch between preset effects. The problem with these keyboards is that most gamers can’t change their keyboards as much as they need to.

Custom RGB Lighting Scheme

Both straightforward and individualised colour schemes may be included into bespoke RGB lighting schemes. What you want to see in your setup is totally up to you and your personal preferences. Each of these lighting effects is highly appealing, and depending on how important certain RGB peripherals are to you, you may choose the look that works best with them.

3. Single Color Scheme

There is just one keyboard backlight colour in these colour schemes. The modest lighting creates an appealing environment for gaming equipment. The ideal RGB keyboard colour scheme is one colour if you don’t like the look of mixing several colours for keyboard lighting. Here are a few well-liked monochromatic colour schemes that you may use in conjunction with the current RGB settings of tables and other furnishings.

1. Red Scheme

RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

One of Playrig’s most often used lighting settings is red. On big panels and PC enclosures, red LEDs are preferred by the majority of gamers above other colours. You generally don’t want to use another colour for your keyboard lighting scheme if the red colour has already been specified. Red has a number of downsides despite being known for its nasty aura. You don’t obtain a comfortable environment since blue isn’t the world’s most calming colour. Use the current colour schemes on your keyboard, though, if you’re a serious player.

2. Blue Scheme


The colour blue lends an overall more classic appearance to the computer and keyboard. The all-blue keyboard provides an air of delicacy while also giving the impression of a light spacecraft. In addition, the colour blue gives the impression that it is quite frigid. The colour green has an overall cool appearance, yet it has an odd quality to it that makes it seem unfamiliar. A green keyboard, which decreases eye strain, allows you to work all day long and features a calming theme that is suitable for extended hours of work and pleasure.

3. Cyan or Light Blue Scheme


When it comes to how light affects colours, cyan is comparable to blue. Those who enjoy blue light may want to switch to another colour when they become weary of it. It produces a bright environment and offers several benefits when it comes to colour matching with other peripherals. Blue has more white than blue and seems brighter. It’s weird to combine blue and white if you want something more intriguing. On a white backdrop, it looks fantastic. Give the white keyboard a try; it looks excellent too, by the way.

4. Purple Scheme


When utilised as a single colour, purple is not the colour most gamers choose. However, if you want to match your streaming settings, it’s not a terrible colour. It has a galaxy or nebula-like appearance. Purple has a distinctive aesthetic that gives it a special place in the gaming world. Since it is not frequently exposed, its colour is not usual.

5. Hot Pink Scheme


Pink neon is another another option for a one-of-a-kind colour. This is one of the greatest colours for the RGB lighting system on your keyboard, and it is ideal for gaming situations that are themed for women. On a dark background, this presents a highly intriguing appearance and completes the whole effect. There is also a comprehensive guide about pink keyboards, in case you’re intrigued about them.

6. Orange Scheme


Although it might not be as common to use orange RGB lighting for other peripherals, it looks fantastic on keyboards. The finished item has a unique colour look when used with a black or white backdrop. Orange’s affinity with Overwatch themes is one of the most frequently cited reasons for its appeal. Entirely Overwatch-themed accessories may be made unique by turning them all orange. The colours were promising once I tested the idea.

7. White Scheme

RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

White is the best option if you want more clinical colour choices. You may find this colour on both RGB and non-RGB keyboards, and although it is the most basic, you will never get weary of it. The white colour has a bright appearance and a minimalistic vibe. Try a pure white colour scheme with a dark backdrop to keep the dazzling colours out of the way when you’re playing the keyboard.

4. Custom Color Scheme

The greatest RGB keyboard colour schemes are bespoke ones since they provide you more possibilities for personalization. A different sort of colour template can liven up the lighting on your RGB keyboard because we gamers soon become tired with plain colour schemes. Here are some of the greatest custom colour schemes you may set on your keyboard if you can adjust the RGB lighting.

Absolute Zero


  Absolute Zero

Neon colours are used in this common RGB lighting lighting. Most of the time, the effect appears straightforward, but when you hit any key, the real magic happens. As soon as a keystroke is registered, it has a spillover effect that presents a lovely scene to your eyes.


All gamers wishing for a more classic yet intriguing RGB keyboard layout should definitely check out checkers. It is constructed of yellow and black colours. The colour overlay creates a spotted appearance. However, the overlap period is planned such that when you hit a key, black ripples briefly emerge. It will take some time for the impact of rapidly pressing several keys to become consistent. A random check pattern will display every time you touch a key, ready for a visual experience.


Few people use crystal lines while creating RGB effects. This results in a delicate keystroke effect. The effects may be downloaded and used with the Razer Synapse tool from a number of sources that are available online.

 Diamond stuff

Check out Diamond if you’re seeking a distinctive RGB colour palette. Each time you hit a key, this excellent RGB effect generates feedback. As soon as you hit a key, an attractive pattern in the shape of a diamond appears.

 I don’t know

The random effects, as their name suggests, provide you a stylish peek of unpredictability. Two waves collide in this effect, giving your gaming keyboard a fascinating, wavelike appearance.

 Double rainbow

One of the nicest RGB keyboard colour schemes available today, the rainbow effect is quite amazing. The double rainbow, however, tells a somewhat different tale. This design has the appearance of two overlapping rainbows, which gives it a classy appearance. Both waves seem to disperse into and flow through one another.

 Matrix hacking

The RGB keyboard layout incorporates effects from movies in addition to those from video games. Matrix Break is one such result. The subject and colours of this colour scheme are probably already obvious to you if you’ve seen The Matrix trilogy. It is matrix-based and attractive. After downloading the config file and adding it to your keyboard programme, the result looks nice and you may spread it among your friends.


Pac-Man still has a far stronger emotional connection for 90s youngsters than the newest games available today. If you share that sentiment, playing Pac-Man with this colour scheme provides the impression of devouring dots, making it one of the greatest colour schemes available. To demonstrate your abilities, you may design your own diagrams or obtain ones from the internet. The number keys are identified in red, making the arrangement straightforward. The blue centre, yellow WASD keys, and surrounding keys make up the Pac-Man uniform. There are often two variants of this plan.

 Rainbow Madness

Another modification of the rainbow colour scheme with spillover effects is this one. The keyboard will waver after each key hit in the shape of a wave. If you wish to change it, this circuit allows you more choice in terms of delays and ripples and looks new.

 Red and black effect

The red and black effects are for you if you dislike overly saturated keyboard colours but need something more than a simple one-color design. The red flashing keys provide an incredible effect. It has a distinct appearance and is made much more entertaining by the white colour effect that occurs as soon as you touch a key.

 Scorching Zero

Zero Burning is one of my favourites for the greatest RGB keyboard colour scheme. This is a fantastic decision that resembles a blend of fire and ice. Blue has ice on the right side of the keyboard, while Red has fire on the left. It appears as though the fire and ice are melting when you hit the key from either side because waves emerge from one area and go to the other. The distinctive core area, however, causes a spillage when a key is pressed.

 Chrome blue

The last colour scheme on our list is this one. The outcome of this plan is what matters. In idle mode, grey waves sweep over the keyboard. The blue colour on your keyboard gently undulates as you touch a key. However, the colour gradually fades away to be replaced by waves of grey, giving it a pleasing aspect.

How to set up custom RGB Lighting on Keyboard

For keyboards and other peripherals, the majority of manufacturers include software for RGB lighting and colour scheme modification. Every piece of software has a similar setup process. a brief guide to well-known brands. A unique lighting colour scheme is offered via customization software. Based on these lighting presets, you may then generate some really creative effects on your smartphone.

Connect your computer’s keyboard first. The programme recognises this, and you can then select the options you want to change and continue. Additionally, you may change factors like effect speed, the number of effects that play at once, and even intensity. Simply choose a different preset and put a further vibrant layer on top as necessary to create layered effects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best RGB keyboard colors?

No RGB colour is ideal for everyone due to individual choice. However, you may select blue, red, or green for the distinctive and eye-catching colour scheme of the keyboard lighting. It looks good using a black backdrop with an orange background, especially for Overwatch gamers.

What is a good RGB color?

Each colour is distinctive in its own right and harmonises with the keyboard’s overall colour scheme. RGB colours that work well are red, blue, cyan, green, purple, and orange. You may use one of these colours alone or in combination to highlight the keyboard.

Is it possible to set the RGB keyboard to one color?

You may alter the colours with an RGB keyboard as necessary. Some keyboards provide the option to alter the colour of every key. A single colour layout is significantly simpler to put up than one with several layers or colour schemes.

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