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Logitech m720 – Full Review 2022

Review of Logitech M720

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For professionals and those looking to increase their productivity, there is the Logitech M720. The M720 is a great choice for multi-device setup. For any professional task requiring extensive mouse use, I would suggest M720. The G Series mouse would likely be superior for your gaming performance if you are a gamer, though.

If you need a mouse for work, the Logitech M720 is a fantastic option. Due to its wireless nature and excellent performance, this mouse maintains the workplace neat. This mouse has a contemporary appearance. It’s nice to have a battery that lasts for 24 months. The Logitech M720’s ability to multitask and connect to several devices with ease using Logitech Flow was its best feature, in my opinion.

The battery can last up to 24 months, according to Logitech. The mouse’s ability to automatically go into sleep mode if it senses that it is not being used, as well as the power button on the underside, will also assist preserve battery life.

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However, we thought it was strange that the button behaviour wasn’t mentioned in Logitech’s brief setup manual. Granted, Logitech chose to print the steps at the back of the cardboard insert that is a part of the blister-pack packaging in an effort to keep things brief and simple. But because of this mouse’s added intricacy, we ought to have had more information in front of us as we were about to unpack the mouse. To learn how and what you may adjust, as well as what the buttons perform, this model actually directs you to the Logitech website where you can download the Logitech Options app.

This Logitech mouse has a curved shape that tapers towards the left and looks contemporary. This kind of ergonomic design will enable you to operate for extended periods of time without experiencing any problems. The mouse has an MX Master mouse-like appearance.

The primary focus of this mouse is performance. This mouse’s performance would be erratic right out of the box. Six of the eight buttons on this mouse can be programmed. In the Logitech Options programme, you may quickly change the buttons to your needs.

The M720 mouse includes three buttons on the side, two of which are by default used for navigating backward and forward in a browser window and one of which is used to switch between any of the three systems that this mouse is compatible with. It is supposed to make navigating these systems simple, however I thought the design of the buttons was terrible because they are all connected and small, making it impossible to judge their position by feel.

Switching between devices is incredibly quick using Easy-Switch technology. As a result, you’ll notice an improvement in performance when switching devices.

Given that its exterior is constructed of hard plastic, the mouse’s construction appears to be durable. I have no complaints regarding the build quality in general because it is good.

The Logitech M720 weights 135 g, AA battery included. This amount of weight could be compared to a heavy mouse. Using a mouse of this weight might feel comfortable for experienced users. It might seem weighty, though, if you play first-person shooter games and desire a light mouse.

In most cases, you can connect by Bluetooth or a USB receiver. The Logitech M720 Triathlon mouse offers two wireless connection options. You can connect to other devices by using the Bluetooth capability. Additionally, you can connect to various devices using the Logitech unifying receiver.

The connectivity is strong and dependable. When you utilise them quickly, there won’t be any lags or connection drops to be felt.

Given that it’s a wireless mouse, you might wonder how long the battery will last. The Logitech wireless mouse typically has outstanding battery life. Astonishingly, the battery life of this Logitech M720 mouse is 24 months.

A wireless mouse with a two-year battery life is worthwhile. This mouse will be dependable for your daily productivity.


Logitech M720 Mouse FAQs

How quiet is the Logitech M720?

The answer is no, Silent Touch Technology is not supported by the Logitech M720.

Does the Logitech M720 function on glass?

Ans. No, because it features an optical sensor, the Logitech M720 is incompatible with Google Glass.

The M720 has Bluetooth, right?

Ans. The Logitech M720 does support Bluetooth communication.

Is the Logitech M720 compatible with Macs?

Ans. The Logitech M720 is compatible with Mac, yes.

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